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Kitchen Appliances I want for My Birthday or Christmas

Iced Coffee/ Cold brew Maker-I only drink cold coffee. I used to make a classic pot and let it cool in the fridge. That can be a lot of work though. Then I didn’t have a lot of fridge space so I started buying pre-made iced coffee and cold brew. Then I had access to a pitcher and tried the cold brew packs but it is hit or miss trying to get the right strength. To be honest I might put both on my gift list. It would be cheaper in the long run and I could try way more coffee options.

Dutch Oven-
There are so many one-pot recipes that involve a dutch oven. I have never had one but it seems like I am missing a major tool. I like that you can use it in the oven and on the stove. It seems like the ultimate all in one pot. You can do almost everything in this even bakes. This seems like a cheaper alternative than the instant pot which I was also considering. I like the idea of being able to buy cheaper cuts of meat and let them simmer. If I get this and it fries well, I won't get a deep-fr…

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