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Food Anti Haul January 2021

In this series, I am going to discuss a few food and drink releases that I personally feel missed the mark.    Subway Protein Bowl Source So you’re trying to sell me cheap deli meat in a bowl and some sauce? An easy no for me. Until they improve the quality of the meats I am not buying anything from subway unless it is an emergency. Prices range from ~$7-10. I can go to so many other better quality and service fast-casual places and spend that. There are just way too many options for much better food.   Dunkin Dunkfetti Donut Source Cake donuts tend to be dry unless they are really fresh. I much prefer a more yeast-based donut. I also just think this is a lazy release. They could just bring back that donut with peanut butter mousse instead of this. Just sprinkles inside the batter? This is how you are starting the year? Also, this just is not visually appealing.   Chipotle Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice Source I don’t like cauliflower enough to buy this as a bas

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