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Anti Haul- Holiday Foods I’m not buying

Holiday Themed Candy- There are two main reasons why I don’t buy these for myself and why I’m not buying them for anyone else. One, I just don’t enjoy mainstream candy. I’ve never had a strong interest and it hasn’t improved with age. I can't stand the taste of cheap chocolate. The only chocolate bar I tried and ate maybe half of was a dark chocolate pistachio bar from Lidl. I’m more of a chocolate ice cream or fresh fudge person. Second, I just think making it in a different shape is boring. It’s always a tree or a candy cane. I don’t think its special enough for a gift but I understand why it exists.   Anything sugar cookie flavored- I have been fooled twice and refuse to be fooled a third time. It’s just not enough vanilla and added sugar. The frosted sugar cookie creamer is pretty bland. Just a step up from regular vanilla. I also tried sugar cookie tea from whole foods and that is fine but you have to let it brew for a long time to get the flavor. This flavor needs imp

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