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Three New Releases I want to try from Total Wine & Co

                                                                Kaleidoscope Petite Sirah 750ml ABV: 13.5 Price: ~13.99   I don’t see Petite Sirah nearly enough. I am aware I probably need to look at more stores that really specialize in the wine because I do really enjoy this type. Wines created with berry notes are a winner for me. The ABV is also really appreciated. I don’t drink a lot, but when I do, I want something that will do more than just taste good. The price is definitely reasonable as well. I love to hunt and find deals so I would buy this. Since it does have a higher ABV, the bottle will last longer for me. Buy Here                                                          Witching Hour Sweet Red Blend 750ml ABV: 13.5 Price:~8.99 Sweet red blends are my absolute favorite type or red wine. All I see are positives here. Sweeter blend, higher ABV, low price, berry flavor notes. This is the type of wine I would appreciate as a housewarming gift. Also, the

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