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Five Restaurant Chains Who Are Truly Struggling

TGI Fridays-This restaurant has been a part of my life for a long time. Random dinners with parents, affordable gatherings in my youth, and now in my late 20’s, drinks. However, that is the only thing I’m getting from TGI Fridays in 2020. The food isn’t the worst dumpster fire but it’s usually not worth the price. If I can buy your products from the store and it is the same thing, why should I pay for it at a restaurant? A waiter I had last year told me that they were thawing the dip out. The final straw for me. There are too many options. The food prices need to be similar to the drink prices. The Jack Daniels sauce is the best thing they offer. You can get ribs, burgers, tenders, and steaks from most chain restaurants. The only way I see them coming back up to glory is more deals, make more things from scratch and focus on consistency. I can name many times I ordered something and the meal wasn’t complete. Brio Italian Grill-I actually went here for prom! I don’t remember what I had…

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