Order or Ignore International Edition #2

Burger King Crispy Chicken Sandwich (South Africa)
Fried chicken sandwich with a potato bun
R 59.90
Yes, this is super basic but the potato bun is where my curiosity went to. I really like them and don’t see them in American restaurants much. It’s not expensive and it adds a different flavor. This reminded me that the USA doesn’t get a lot of bun options which is a shame.

Burger King 2 for 100 Mix or Match (South Africa)
Chili Cheese XL, XL BBQ Chicken, Original Chicken Sandwich or Whopper
R 100
The combo deals like this are always a good look. You get to try different options and if one isn’t great, you still have another option. I would get the chili cheese because it looks similar to the McDonalds South Africa one that looks good. I would also try the BBQ one because I love onion rings on a sandwich and Burger King does a good BBQ sauce.

Burger King Rustic Smoked Cheese Whopper (Spain)
Smoked cheese, black beer sauce, rye bun
Price Unknown
I’m really getting jealous about these releases. Smoked cheese cannot be that expensive for USA burger king chains. I have no idea what black beer is but at least it is something new. I could care less about the rye bun though. Although a Rueben burger with that bun would be really good.  I also see some tomato and a crispy topping that is not mentioned in the description.

Burger King Texas Bacon Tendercrisp (Netherlands)
Tender chicken breast with mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, cheese, bacon, and crispy Onion Rings
Price Unknown
I want everything about this sandwich. None of these ingredients are unique so we should have this in America. I’m big into sauces so having two is a big plus, you know it won’t be dry. There is also a beef option. This should be something that you can create to order at most locations.

Burger King Golden Cheese Fingers (Netherlands)
Price Unknown
Why not try them? Mozzarella sticks are hard to mess up. I’d get it as a side item. There is not a lot to the description. I would like to see more side items at fast food places. Anytime you can get more than four, that’s a good deal.


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