Order or Ignore International Fast Food Releases #1

A&W Citrus Golden Chicken (Malaysia)
Fried chicken served with citrus gravy and salted egg crumbs
Price Unknown
Why can’t the USA get more foods with gravy? Gravy is something I think most Americans like regardless of culture. Besides biscuits and gravy, the only fast food place that even offers gravy is Dairy Queen with their tenders. Citrus flavor can be really hit or miss but with the fried chicken I think it could work? I have never heard of salted egg crumbs but I would try just to know. I get a fun brunch vibe from this and I think I would order it. I’d like to see a spicy gravy as well and a choice of chicken pieces.

McDonalds Chili Cheese Double (South Africa)
jalapeƱo pieces, spicy hot sauce, and smooth nacho cheese sauce on top of two beef patties, with a slice of cheese
The different types of spice is what really makes this stand out. America only gets maybe one if we’re lucky, which I don’t understand because a lot of us living in the states enjoy the heat. I don’t think the slice of cheese is going to add much unless it is different from the basic American cheese. This is something I probably would not make at home which adds a unique touch for fast food.

Burger King Cuban (Puerto Rico)
Two different types of pork, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard and crispy potato sticks.
Price Unknown
I’m surprised Cubans aren’t at more fast food places. Especially something like an Arby’s or one of the fast-casual sandwich places. It looks like regular ham plus some sort of shredded pork. Not quite pulled which I personally find overused. The potato sticks are an interesting touch. This looks like a solid option, I’d get it.

Burger King Steakhouse Wrap (Austria)
beef, crispy bacon, cheese, crispy onions, and BBQ sauce, wrapped in a tortilla
Price Unknown
I can’t tell if the beef is broken up patties or actual steak. Please be steak pieces? I still miss those overpriced rib pieces. There aren’t a lot of wraps so this is a nice change up. I would like to see a new sauce though? Some sort of BBQ mayo mix. Or like the zesty sauce that would be great. Why isn’t that sauce used more? Also, are the crispy onions new or is it just cut up onion rings? Either way, I’m in.

Burger King Crispy Chicken Salad (Austria)
chicken, fresh cucumber, corn, and crisp tomatoes
Price Unknown
This is so boring! I would rather see the steak wrap created into a salad. At least give me some crispy onions. This is a lazy release. Where are the new salad dressings? I need more substance than this for a salad. It would probably be cheaper to get a wrap or sandwich and more filling. There are not even other meat or veggie options.