Order or Ignore Stadium Edition #2 Suntrust Park

The Best Darn Steak Sandwich
sliced herbed beef tenderloin, brioche roll, balsamic glazed arugula, roasted Portobello, fried onion, and creamy blue cheese sauce. Comes with house-made truffle chips.
Beef tenderloin is not something I notice on menus often and especially not in a sandwich. I think people will buy this because the flavors are familiar and it’s handheld. I don’t want to eat a steak at the game, but a steak sandwich plus the chips is a good meal. I’d be interested to know what the cook would be but as long as it is not well done, I’d try it.

Chicken and Waffle Boat
boneless fried chicken tossed in mango habanero sauce, powdered sugar-dusted sweet waffle boat, chopped pecans, and local honey, served with seasoned curly fries.
There is too much going on here. Habanero is really spicy and could take over the whole thing. I think for spice, either jalapeno or chipotle would be better. They are more common peppers and have their own flavor besides heat. I don’t think mango and honey should be combined. They are both really sweet. Pick one or the other. There’s also the powdered sugar. I don’t want to eat with a fork and knife at the game. I want to be able to cheer with one hand if I feel the need. I think the pecans are a cool touch though and curly fries are usually pretty good.

Dinger Dog
A baked footlong all-beef frank split filled with bacon jam & cheddar cheese, wrapped in puff pastry. Topped with queso blanco and bacon.
I’m getting fancy pigs in a blanket vibe and I’m ready for this. All beef hotdogs are way better than those steamed pork ones. Puff pastry is very underused. I would like to see more of it besides just French bread. I also think that $11 is a good deal. I would cut it in smaller pieces. I would like to dip it in queso Blanco as well and would pay extra.

Hey Batter Batter Bird
Whole fried buttermilk brined chicken, French fries with creamy coleslaw. $18.00
I would share this with someone but fried chicken is always a good option to have. Buttermilk brine is a good touch that I should do more at home. It’s a good deal as well, especially if it is split. Hopefully, there will be some sauce available to dip. If it goes well, I’d like to see a spicy version.

Blooper Burger
4 cheeseburger patties, a footlong hot dog, chicken tenders, lettuce, tomato, onion, jalapenos, and cheese sauce. Crosscut Texas toast. Served with Braves Country candied popcorn
I think this has some potential but it’s not quite there. I’m fine with a somewhat silly sandwich. I think for how much meat that is on here, cheese sauce is not adding enough moisture or flavor to the sandwich. Jalapenos can’t carry the whole sandwich. I think two beef patties would be enough so you can taste the hot dog and chicken tenders. The lettuce and tomato would be barely noticeable. The choice of side is lackluster. I would rather see some sort of kettle chip instead.