Order or Ignore Stadium Edition #4 Chase Field

All day Breakfast Dog
18-inch hot dog with hash browns, fried eggs, hot sauce, gravy, cheese, bacon, green onion
I have never seen gravy paired with a hot dog but it does make sense. It’s like a sausage with gravy but a hot dog instead. I think a smoked sausage would be even better though. This hotdog has a hangover cure feel to it and it looks good. Fried eggs are always nice to see and it’s a cheap protein. This is a much better value than some of the other versions. Three types of protein, plus cheese and gravy. I would try to share this with someone but I’d try it.

Reuben Some Dirt on it Dog
18-inch hot dog with a Rye bun, Rueben mac n cheese, fried pickles, secret sauce, green onions
I was interested until the mac n cheese was involved. Everything else I’m all for. Fried pickles are usually pretty good and its an alternative to the fried onion. I don’t think cheddar cheese flavor works with everything else. This hotdog is 18 inches long which might be why it’s $30? That is a lot to me especially when the mac n cheese looks like someone put too much water in the Kraft mix. The hotdog looks too thin and the bun too thick.

Chicken and doughnuts
Tysons popcorn chicken with doughnut holes. Syrup on the side
Doughnuts do not get nearly enough shine so I’m ordering most foods that involve one. Why is it only waffles? We’ve been doing that. I want to support this movement. The price is fair and the syrup gives it a brunch twist that I like. Even though I would order this, I’m disappointed in the chicken choice. I would rather see fried chicken from one of the stadiums' restaurants. Make it more their own. But if they insist on using Tysons, can we get some tenders? They are much better!

SI Cover Dog
18-inch bratwurst, onion bun, jalapeno apple slaw, bbq aioli, fried mac n cheese, beer onions, and green onions
(insert side eye and sigh here) What is going on here?? There are too many flavors going on. A brat for this?? I think a more neutral sausage would be the better move here. That is a strong flavor that is hard to ignore. I personally do not want slaw anywhere but this one plus the fried mac n cheese doesn’t mix. Slaw tends to add too much moisture to a sandwich. I do like the idea of fried mac n cheese being on a hot dog. I’d like to see an extreme cheese version. The beer onions don’t interest me much, maybe if it was fried. Three types of onion are too many. I just think at least one element needs to go.

Strawberry Cheesecake Milkshake
Strawberry milk, NY cheesecake, soft serve, graham crackers, whipped cream and chocolate with graham crackers around the top
I love this! Milkshakes are my preferred way to eat ice cream. This is a step up from your basic milkshake. Why isn’t flavored milk involved in more shakes? I think the price is fair and would probably fill me up. The crumbs around the top I find to be a bit of a reach. I am glad they didn’t try to go the “Instagram” feel by adding a whole piece on top. Soft serve is also an interesting touch that I have never thought of. Familiar with new touches, I’m definitely ordering.