Order or Ignore Stadium Edition #7 Globe Life Park

The RWB (Red White & Blue) Dog
Savory, Sweet and Spicy relish in red and blue colors on an all beef hot dog. Served with Lays Chips.
You have to be a full-on pickle fan to enjoy this. I would like to see some options that you could just pick one, maybe two of the relish options. There are a lot of competing flavors with all three flavors. I appreciate the fun colors and the price seems reasonable but this is just entirely too much relish for me. Not sure why the hot dog is pictured with waffle fries instead of chips.

Bacon Wrapped Wings
Chicken wings hand wrapped in bacon and deep-fried. Served with fries
Bacon is good and so are wings. Wrapped wings sound like a good idea to me. Plus, you get fries so the price is fair. I’d get some sort of dipping sauce because I like to dip. I think not making them spicy or a certain flavor is a smart move.

Right Field Bacon Bombs
Provolone cheese wrapped in strips of bacon, deep fried. Served with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce.
Can you get a different sauce? BBQ sauce seems to be an odd choice. Usually, with fried cheese, you get some sort of marinara sauce. I’d rather have the sauce on the side instead of a drizzle. Picking provolone over mozzarella cheese is an interesting choice but if you’re dipping with a sauce, you may not notice a difference between the two. I like the choice of bacon. I’d get these. A fun option and I don’t need a fork.

Fried PBJ Sandwiches
Even though I think $10 is kind of high for two sandwiches, I would still try this. Familiar flavors prepared in a different way. These look like Uncrustables but deep fried. I would like to see this made with local bread or condiments for the price but it’s interesting enough.

Fantastic Family Meal
Ballpark Jumbo Dog, footlong corndog, and chicken tenders served with a large portion of fries and dipping sauces
This doesn’t look like enough food for three adults. Maybe an adult with two kids or two adults with one kid? There only looks like two, maybe 3 chicken tenders. I can see the footlong being split perhaps and maybe if there are a lot of fries it could even out? A combo where you could choose the options would be better with different price options. As far as the food items themselves, nothing new or interesting.