Order or Ignore Stadium Edition #9 Guaranteed Rate Field

Sweet Potato Fries
French fries covered and smothered with powdered sugar, chopped pecans and whipped cream then drizzled with chocolate sauce and Nutella.
Price Unknown
I’m not buying six fries with a small amount of redid whip. Is this really the portion size? I am not a fan of them in general but you should get way more than this. I also don’t want a small chocolate drizzle with Nutella. Pick one or the other. This just looks like a rip-off. Where is the powdered sugar and pecans? The media photos should match the description. I hope this is under $10.

Vegan Potstickers
Pan-fried pot stickers with ginger, scallions, cabbage and sesame with soy chili dipping sauce.
Price unknown
Finally, a vegan option that isn’t beans or a salad. Six of them is a decent size. Not sure about the veggie pile in the middle but vegans should have more options and this is a step in the right direction. I am not a vegan but this should see well to the plant-based crowd.

Caprese Sandwich
Soft Buffalo mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, basil leaves on a ciabatta roll then topped with sweet balsamic glaze.
Price Unknown
I know this is kind of basic but I like to see options that different types of eaters can have. I am usually not a fan of the balsamic glaze but maybe a sweet version might be good. Plus, the cheese looks thick and I appreciate that. I do wish for a different bread option though but that is a personal preference. Everything looks fresh and tasty.

Elote Nuggets
creamy cilantro lime aioli, queso cotija and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper.
Price Unknown
I really want to try elote and this looks like a fun way to do so. I love an aioli so that’s enough for me to order this. I would get extra sauce because I’m greedy. Portion size looks decent. I’d buy these and another app for a meal. I really enjoy elevated options that don’t involve a fork watching the game.

Triple Play Burger
Angus beef patty, fried bologna, and bacon with a secret sauce and cheddar cheese on a brioche bun.
Price Unknown
I have not seen fried bologna on a burger before so I would try this for that alone. I enjoy a creative sauce as well. Everything about this looks tasty. Would get extra sauce but otherwise, I’m in. I think you would be able to taste everything individually.