Order or Ignore International Edition #5

Churches Chicken Canada (BC) Texas Sampler
1pc Bone-In Chicken, 1pc Spicy Wing, 1pc Tender, 2pc Bombers, 1 Side, 1 Regular Drink.
Price Unknown
There’s nothing really new on this sampler, but the fact that you can get a savory sampler from a fast food restaurant is very interesting to me. I like platters, especially ones you can customize so it gives you more options. I think it is a cool idea and something that more places should have.

KFC Canada Chachos
Three chicken tenders with cheese sauce, jalapenos, tomatoes, sour cream and chives
Price Unknown
Something fun and different. I like that it’s not a sandwich or wrap. You can get these a la carte, with fries or in a larger box combo. I can’t imagine that these can taste too bad. I do wonder how well everything will stay on the tender. It’s something to get to mix up your order if you go there often. Also, why can’t we have regular fries?

KFC Japan Slider Taco
soft flour tortilla filled with spicy taco meat, fried chicken tender, special mayo sauce, and three kinds of cheese
300 YEN
This reminds me of Taco Bell’s Cheesy gordita crunch. Instead of the two different shells, you get extra meat and a thicker sauce. I would at least get one to add to my meal to try. This looks pretty great. All the ingredients I enjoy and make sense together.

Dominos Indonesia Chicken Dominator Pizza
Rustic Sauce, Green Paprika, Corn, Chili Chicken, Chicken Pepperoni, Chicken Sausage, Onion, Mozzarella Cheese
Price Unknown
A lot of these ingredients I have never had so I’d try this (with some sort of coupon or points to get it free). I’m also open to alternative pizza sauces that aren’t BBQ sauce. I’m not sure about the texture of the chicken pepperoni (hopefully similar to turkey pepperoni) but there are enough other new to me items to try. I think America would be open to newer pizza ingredients. California Pizza Kitchen has a wider variety and they’re still open so I think US franchises could do more.

Dominos Japan Quattro Superstar
Black tiger garlic shrimp, Kuroge Wagyu beef steak, Black Tiger & charcoal grilled beef Premium, Sirloin Steak
Medium Pizza ~2,500 YEN
This is split into four sections. I have only seen half and half, and that’s more basic toppings. This would be great for a party or just solo to try different flavors with low commitment. All of the choices look good or at least interesting enough to try. This has to be better than the Philly cheesesteak pizza from back in the day was. A lot of beef so I can imagine this being more filling than a usual pizza.