Order or Ignore International Edition #7

Pizza Hut China Hawaiian Shrimp Pizza
shrimp, ham, pineapple, cherry tomato, tomato sweet and spicy sauce, Mozzarella cheese
79.0 yuan
I am on the team that pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza but I think this combination can work. The shrimp adds a different texture and flavor to the typical ham and pineapple combination. The sweet and spicy sauce is going to make everything work perfectly or this is going to be a disaster. Sweet sauces are usually, well, way too sweet. Spicy sauces usually aren’t spicy enough. I think this would be worth the buy.

Pizza Hut China Potato Bacon Bacon Pizza
potato wedges, bacon slices, egg salad dressing, mozzarella cheese and painted with cannabis.
77.0 yuan
I am very curious about the cannabis on this pizza. Is it a weed butter or oil? Maybe CBD oil? Regardless, I have never seen a pizza with cannabis on it so that’s enough reason to try this. I have never had egg salad with a dressing so I wonder how that would taste. This pizza gives me a potato salad type of vibe. Bacon is always a reliable topping so I’m glad to see that.

Hungry Jacks Australia Tendercrisp Bacon and Avocado
crispy chicken breast, bacon, melted cheese, smashed avocado with a drizzle of lemon dressing, topped with ripe hand-cut tomato, crisp lettuce and mayo on a toasted sesame seed bun.
Price Unknown
It’s nice to get a chicken sandwich without bbq sauce. I enjoy all of these ingredients so I think this would be a safe option to get. I really appreciate the avocado and mayo to add moisture to the sandwich. The lemon dressing adds an important flavor profile to just fried and fatty. There is also a grilled version as well.

Pizza Hut CuraƧao Calzones
Chicken Bacon Mushroom, Buffalo chicken and supreme
Price Unknown
Pizza Hut makes good calzones and I am glad to see them back. The main interest with these international ones is just the variety of fillings. I would definitely try the buffalo version. American branches have these ingredients as well so I’m not sure why the only options are pepperoni and sausage for the most part. I would like to see a build your own calzone option.

McDonalds Brazil Parma Melt
Brioche, cheddar, parma ham, lettuce, pickles, and a seasoned mayo
Price Unknown
I have the unpopular opinion that American cheese is not needed on any sandwich and cheddar is the superior choice. I don’t understand why we cant have more cheddar cheese. I will pay the extra 50 cents or whatever it would be. Why does America only get swiss or pepper jack for cheese on sandwiches? A brioche bun is usually a solid option if it’s not too thick. I have never had parma ham but I like seeing other salty pork options on burgers. You can get this with one or two beef patties.