Order or Ignore Stadium Edition #11 Houston Astros

Bayou City Hot Dog
smoked pork burnt ends, Rico’s cheese sauce, pickle chips, green onions, and hot BBQ sauce
The pickles on this look very large and too many but I really want to try this. I have never had burnt ends so why not try it on a hotdog which I already know I like. The two sauces make sense together and green onion is never a negative. This is also a good price for what you’re getting so I would definitely order this. My only concern would be the cheese sauce not having enough flavor.
Smoked Pork Burnt End Tots
smoked pork burnt ends, Queso Blanco, BBQ sauce, green onions, and pickle chips
Pickles don’t belong with queso, but I can easily ignore them. Tater tots aren’t my first choice but they are much better than potato wedges. I would eat these with a fork because otherwise, I’d need 15 wet wipes. The sauce does look a bit thin, I hope there is more underneath that helmet. Again, I haven’t tried burnt ends but it's on my list.

Calabrese Shrimp Sandwich
Crispy shrimp, pepperoncini, romaine, and Calabrian remoulade. Served with fries
The roll isn’t the best fit for this. Something elongated like a sub roll makes more sense for fried shrimp. It would be easy for the shrimp to fall out. The sauce looks thin as well which is another reason the bread shape doesn’t make sense. Besides that, I like fried shrimp and the flavors are new and interesting. I don’t see remoulades a lot so it’s nice to see.

Osso Good Meatball Fries
Bolognese, mozzarella, parmesan on top of fries
I wanted this until I found the picture. That portion looks really small for over $10. Four small meatballs, 7 strands of cheese and some thin droplets of sauce underneath? I was imagining more fries, more and larger meatballs covered in layers of shredded mozzarella cheese with a thicker sauce. Everything just looks so small and thin.

Kahlua Tiramisu
Espresso lady finders, cocoa dust
A hard dessert to find. So, I would be tempted by this alone but adding in Kahlua? I’m buying it.  It’s hard to understand why this dessert doesn’t get as much attention. Unpopular opinion, I don’t want a scoop of ice cream with every dessert. I don’t want to have to rush, especially outside in the summer heat watching a game.