Order or Ignore International #9

KFC Indonesia Chicken Skin
Fried chicken skin
RP 13.636
How could I not order this at least once? The skin is probably the best part of eating fried chicken. Why not get a side of the skin, especially if you’re ordering other items. It’s a good snack for low carb dieters as well, or at least a good option to have. At least it’s a fun option that makes sense.

McDonalds Denmark Homestyle Special with Dijon Mayo
Beef, bacon, ketchup with TABASCO® Sauce, tomato, cheese, onion, dijon mayo and brioche
Price Unknown
Finally some sauce variety. I have never had spicy ketchup but I think it could work with the Dijon mayo. I can’t imagine the sauces not being balanced. Mcdonalds is known for strong condiments. It may not seem that creative but America rarely get burgers with some spice or more than once sauce.

McDonalds Ireland Kansas City Stack
beef burgers with bacon, smoky cheese, crispy onions and lettuce with a Steakhouse BBQ sauce in a BBQ flavored toasted bun.
Price Unknown
The only time I have seen a flavored bun in the US is when Burger King had that a1 burger with the sauce in the bun. I would be curious to know how strong the bbq flavor is, especially with the sandwich already having bbq sauce. It would be nice to see some mayo with this as well, I think they are a good match.

McDonalds Kazakhstan Mojito Lemonade
Mojito-flavored syrup with lemonade
300 TG
There isn’t a lot of information on this but it’s cool to see other lemonade flavors. I have never had a mojito but I really enjoy the lime flavored drinks. It’s a low risk buy to try something new. There is also a blue Curacao flavor.

McDonalds Netherlands Sharebox
Chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, and cheese snacks
Price Unknown
I’m a fan of a sampler platter so why not? I’d be interested to know how many dipping sauces come with this. Is the cheese snack just small mozzarella sticks or something else? Either way, I could see this being really successful in other countries as well.