Order or Ignore International Edition #11

McDonalds Malaysia Spicy Korean Burger
A kimchi-seasoned chicken patty served with spicy Korean sauce, mixed vegetables, grilled onions, and cheese, sandwiched between two charcoal buns
Price Unknown
I’m not tough enough to eat kimchi by itself but maybe the seasoning on the chicken will be easier for me to eat. I’m not really interested in the mixed veggies but the grilled onions sound good. I have never had any food with charcoal so I have no idea what to do with that information. I like spicy foods and there is not nearly enough in the American markets. There is also a beef version of this but I usually go for the fried chicken option.

McDonalds Malaysia Chocolate Pie
Crispy chocolate pie shell filled with chocolate filling
Price Unknown
This looks like an upgraded chocolate pop tart with more filling. The crust doesn’t look super tasty but I’d be interested in the filling. I wonder if the filling is more pudding or sauce like. This would also be good inside a Mcflurry.

McDonalds Kazakhstan Pineapple Mcflurry
Vanilla Mcflurry with pineapple syrup and chocolate coated waffle pieces
Mainly I want to know what pineapple and chocolate taste like. Also, I want to support flavors that aren’t just candy bars. It’s just so boring and you can find it anywhere. Every ice cream place has candy pieces. I want more fruit flavors, especially in the summer.

Subway Brazil Chicken Pesto Sandwich
chicken strips cream cheese pesto served on warm bread with salad
Price Unknown
I feel like cream cheese will take away from the flavor that the pesto has. I think a pesto mayo would be a better choice. Or pesto by itself drizzled over the chicken. I also just don’t want cream cheese on a sandwich. Call me uncultured all you want. Subways chicken is real bland and cream cheese isn’t going to help.

Pizza Hut Malaysia Kenduri Kendara Chicken
Roasted chicken drummettes with herbs
RM 10.90+
I know this doesn’t look the most interesting but I wonder how well pizza hut could do chicken. You can also get this in quarter form. I really enjoy roasted chicken and you’re adding some flavorful herbs? I’m all in. It’s nice to have a few alternative options. If the skin is soggy, I could see that being an issue.