Order or Ignore International Edition #12

Pizza Hut Oman Ultimate Cheese Pizza
Cream cheese scoops, cherry tomatoes, and sliced basil
OMR 6.000
This reminds me of a flatbread appetizer you would order somewhere. Everything is pretty neutral and goes together. As long as there is enough basil to add some extra flavor. I would get this as a side item to some other items.

Pizza Hut Oman Mexicana Pizza
Grilled chicken with salsa, mozzarella cheese, sweet corn, chopped jalapeno peppers, diced tomatoes, and cilantro, topped with a sour cream drizzle.
OMR 6.000
I have never had something like this but it would be a nice change of pace. I really appreciate the lack of beans on here. I would like to see some sort of Mexican cheese blend to really make it like a taco that’s in pizza form. I also think the diced tomatoes may be overkill with the salsa but I’d still try it.

Pizza Hut Singapore Sweet Potato Stuffed Crust Pizza Hawaiian
Hawaiian pizza with a stuffed sweet potato crust. The filling has sweet potatoes and melted cheese
SGD 28.90
There’s too much going on here. Hawaiian pizzas are usually too sweet in the first place, and now add sweet potato in the crust. I don’t want sweet potatoes anywhere that isn’t baked into a pie with spices. Cheese and sweet potatoes don’t make sense to me. I could maybe see sweet potato in the crust for a vegan alternative but there is not enough textural contrast.

Pizza Hut UAE Red Pepper Chicken
Extreme Spicy Sauce, roasted red pepper, chopped jalapenos, and a sweet chili sprinkle
39 AED
I just want to know how spicy this really is. All the ingredients make sense here and it’s something different. I haven’t had a lot of spicy pizzas but this sounds pretty cool. If it’s too spicy id just dip it in ranch or something. I think the chicken is probably roasted which makes sense with the spicy flavors.

McDonalds Japan Spicy McNuggets
Seasoned with togarashi red pepper garlic, and onion
200 yen for 5 pieces
I don’t understand why American can't have more spicy nuggets. These look really good. Mcdonalds has my favorite fast food nuggets, even more than chik fil a. Their batter is what makes a difference for me. You can get these with any sauce to further customize the taste. The price is pretty good too. I would order these with fries very quickly.