Order or Ignore International Edition #14

KFC Czech Republic Zinger Truffle Box
Brioche, crispy chicken, mushrooms, fresh spinach, truffle sauce, and caramelized onion sauce. Box contains Zinger Truffle, 5HW, fries or potato chips and pepsi.
195 CZK
Two sauces? Yes, please. I don’t understand why America at least cant have more sauce options. I would love to see more sauces, especially other than bbq or mustard. I could see this doing well in America. I know Wendy's had a truffle sandwich and I believe it did pretty well.

KFC Czech Republic Bourbon BBQ Grander Box
Fried chicken, crunchy bacon, Cheddar, onion rings, mayonnaise, and Bourbon BBQ. Box contains Bourbon BBQ Grander, 5HW, fries or potato chips and refill cup.
209 CZK
There is nothing international about this what so ever. More countries should have this. I truly believe American locations would see more income if there was more variety. Give us more onion rings. At least more cheddar cheese. We deserve more than Swiss and pepper jack.

Papa John’s Almaty Texas Pizza
Mustard sauce, mozzarella cheese, Texas vegetable mix, crispy chicken, tomatoes, jalapeno
3,250 Ru
I’m just curious about how strong of a mustard flavor this sauce will have. I have never had a pizza with any mustard flavor. This sounds like a flatbread, you would see at a slightly nicer chain restaurant. It’s hard to tell what is in the vegetable mix but it looks like some broccoli on top.

McDonalds Malaysia Dinosaur McFlurry
regular McFlurry base with chocolate malt powder and chocolate puffs
Price Unknown
I would want to try chocolate malt powder and I think cereal is an underrated mix in for ice cream. Especially soft serve. Why doesn't McDonald's have chocolate mcflurrys? Or, any other flavor over vanilla. That is why I tend to get a blizzard if I want fast food ice cream. 

Pizza Hut China Dirty Milk Tea
water, solid beverage, whole milk, condensed milk, cream, pink and black tea
25.0 yuan
I’m surprised tea doesn’t get more attention in America. Tea is a really popular drink, so why not expand on the options available. I really like Thai tea and this reminds me of that. I have no idea what the "solid beverage" is, maybe ice? I like the idea of other options besides juice or soda. With the obesity levels in America so high, why not include better drinks you could charge more for.


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