Order or Ignore International Edition #15

Pizza Hut China Blossoming Okinawa Sea Salt Smoothie
72 hours of refined Okinawa sea salt which is soft and slightly salty, fresh Euclid lemon juice
25.0 yuan
I don’t want salt or lemon in a smoothie. There is an alcoholic type of this but that doesn’t appeal to me either. I want a smoothie to have a sweetness to it. I could see the salt maybe being added to a tropical smoothie but this just doesn’t make sense to me.

McDonalds Korea Bulgogi Egg Burger
patty marinated Bulgogi sauce, creamy mayo, and crisp lettuce with an egg on top
4500 won for the meal
I have never had bulgogi sauce but I tend to enjoy Asian flavors so this sounds interesting to me. I always support mayo on a sandwich, especially a flavored one. I think the egg is an affordable way to add more heft to a sandwich. I think this could be good in a breakfast sandwich as well. Maybe marinated bacon or sausage.

Denny’s Japan Cold noodle soup
A very thin pasta of beef and bone broth. fried pork, kimchi, boiled egg, cucumber, and white hair green onion. bouillon simmered in a beef and a Japanese-style soup stock.
1,018 yen
I have never had a cold soup before so I’d be interested to see if it could make me more interested in the soup. The flavors of beef and pork I think go well with this type of soup. This is such an interesting looking dish that I would really like to try.

Denny’s Japan Blue papaya and roast beef power salad
A power salad combining moist roast beef, fresh blue papaya with a crisp texture, smooth mango and other seasonal ingredients. A variety of 26 items, including five beans, five grains, and potato salad. The dressing can be selected from two types of "carrot dressing" and "special vinaigrette dressing".
949 yen
I don’t know why a salad needs these many ingredients. Do we need beans, grains, and potatoes? That sounds entirely too heavy. If this was a vegan salad, I could maybe gather some understanding so there would need to be plant-based proteins. What are these other ingredients the description is being vague about? How about a build your own power salad when you can choose more select ingredients for your diet?

Denny’s Japan Blue Papaya Salad
Combine fresh blue papaya with a delicious vegetable dish, topped with shrimp, sweet tomatoes and mixed nuts, vinaigrette.
499 yen
This makes way more sense. Tropical fruit goes with shrimp very well. I think this is a good alternative than the basic salad. The nuts add extra nutrients and protein which adds value to the salad. Papaya is not a fruit I have very often so it would be nice to see some variety.