Order or Ignore Internet Edition #12

Sahale Snacks Pineapple Rum Cashew Coconut Snack Mix
Cashews, toasted coconut, rum glaze, pineapples, cherries
I’ve never had rum in a nut mix before, so it sounds interesting. I really enjoy cashews, so I appreciate that being the primary nut. It is also a new flavor profile for nut mixes. Even if the sugar content is kind of high I’d try these at least once. Plain trail mix gets old after awhile.

Disney Springs Blood Orange Mousse
lemon chiffon cake with grapefruit gelée.
I don’t know why there isn’t any actual blood orange involved here, but I really enjoy citrus desserts so I would really like to try this. I have never had a dessert with grapefruit so I wonder how much it gets sweetened. This looks really good to me, I’ll pay the eight dollars easily. Citrus desserts need to be promoted more.

Olive Garden Spicy Alfredo Tenders
Lightly breaded and fried chicken tenders tossed in spicy alfredo sauce with hot cherry peppers.
Spicy and creamy sauced tenders? Why isn’t this more popular. I would get this as part of my meal. I’m tired of tenders only being glazed with BBQ sauce. I think alfredo sauce can be bland but hot cherry peppers add good flavor so this should be good. Hopefully, they are sauced appropriately. Although I am unashamed for asking for extra sauce.

Olive Garden’s Chocolate Brownie Lasagna
Eight decadent layers of rich, fudgy brownie and sweet vanilla cream cheese frosting, topped with chocolate shavings and a chocolate drizzle.
I really appreciate dessert options without ice cream. Chain ice cream tends to be bland. I also wonder what cream cheese frosting tastes like with chocolate. Usually, you only see it with carrot cake or red velvet that I don’t care for much. I could get this to go and I don’t have to worry about temperature.

Denny’s Horchata Milkshake
vanilla ice cream blended with tres leches sauce and cinnamon sugar then topped with whipped cream and more cinnamon sugar.
Price Unknown
Horchata is one of my favorite drinks of all time. If I see it I order it, I don’t care what im eating with it. The tres leches sauce is really interesting to me. I have never had that cake but it’s on my list of foods to try. I like when restaurants experiment with dessert flavors. This is what I’m ordering if I get dragged to Dennys randomly in the middle of the night.