Order or Ignore Internet Edition #13

Panera Bread Chipotle Chicken & Bacon Artisan Flatbread
smoked pulled chicken, chopped bacon, garlic cream sauce, fresh mozzarella and fontina, red grape tomatoes, fresh cilantro, and chipotle aioli.
Price Unknown
I am very weak for flavored mayo and aiolis. I like that this flatbread has two different sauces. Both of them sound really good separately but together really makes sense for the rest of the ingredients. I think Panera can be a bit pricy, especially their sandwiches but I could see myself paying $10 for something like this. I would have like to see some sort of Mexican cheese to go with the chipotle flavor.

New England Coffee Limited Edition Pistachio Crème
Pistachio flavored coffee
Price Unknown
Pistachios are my favorite nut of all time and I keep missing when Dunkin does their ice cream related iced coffee drinks. So this is my alternative option. I have had this brand of coffee before so if I can find this and when it’s on sale, I’ll buy it. I would like to see more natural flavors in coffee unless that doesn’t work for science-related music.

KFC Cheetos Sandwich
Fried chicken filet with special Cheetos sauce and layers on crunchy Cheetos, mayo
Price Unknown
If Doritos can be used in different fast food items, so should Cheetos and other chip brands in general. I like seeing brands collab. This should be tasty enough if not a bit salty. I wonder what the actual Cheeto sauce is though. Also, why not add a slice of cheddar cheese on the sandwich as well. If this does well, I would like to see a spicy version.

Disney Springs Round ‘Em Up Latte (Hot or Iced)
cookie butter, dulce de leche, sprinkles, and animal crackers
$5.69 for 16oz
I have never had these flavors in an iced coffee drink so I would buy this. I am an all year round cold coffee fan. Everything makes sense here. I also have never had animal crackers with coffee but they’re kinda neutral so I can see it working with the cookie butter and dulce de leche. The only flaw I can see if there is too much sweetness but I’m interested.

Disney Land Carnival Cake
funnel cake topped with fruity cereal and milk, whipped cream and raspberry sauce.
I like the different toppings here. Funnel Cake can be overwhelming when there’s a whole bunch of fruit or other heavy items. The sauces here are light and make sense, and the raspberry flavor is a good way to cut the heavy fried and sweet flavors. I don’t see cereal used with desserts a lot but it definitely makes sense here. I would like to see mini funnel cakes as well.