Order or Ignore Internet Edition #9

IHOP Pancake Burger
two Steakburgers, buttermilk pancake with cheese, cheese, bacon, and signature IHOP sauce on a grilled Brioche bun.
$10.29 plus a side
Besides how annoying this campaign is, I just have no interest in a pancake with my burger like a reject big mac. Unpopular opinion: IHOP pancakes are too thick and have a weird aftertaste as if they buy discount buttermilk. I don’t think there is enough cheese to make the pancake work here. I would prefer to see this as a breakfast burger with sausages instead, maybe a fried egg, etc.

Pop-Tart Cereal in Cookies and Cream
chocolate cookie-flavored crust is topped with a sweet frosting and chocolate-flavored sprinkles. The middle consists of a vanilla crème-flavored filling.
Price Varies
This is what I wish oreo o’s would be so I would buy this. I’m hoping for a decent amount of filling inside the cereal. I was not aware that there are other flavors (strawberry and brown sugar) but this chocolate is way more interesting. Even without the filling, I’d still be interested.

Boston Market New Southwest Chicken BLT on Ciabatta
Cholula bacon, avocado, Tillamook pepper jack, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and chipotle aioli
Price Unknown
I’m just glad to see Boston Market offer more options. I personally don’t go there because if I want rotisserie, I'd go to Costco or any other grocery store and get sides there if need to. The cornbread is very sweet and the creamed spinach is way too thin. There is just nothing there for me that I can’t get more conveniently.  However, this looks like it should be a good item to try. I like different amounts of spice.

Culver’s Creamy Lemon Crumble Frozen Custard
Lemon Fresh Frozen Custard swirled with crushed sugar cookies and a lemon drizzle
Price Unknown
Citrus based ice cream is hard to find unless it’s key lime. I really like custard and it’s a different flavor so I would try it. Sugar cookie dough would be even better, but I’ll take what I can get. The higher fats in custard should pair well with the lemon

Mermaid XL Cereal
Orange and pineapple flavored cereal
$3.79 at Target
I know I just said I like citrus ice cream, but orange and pineapple flavored cereal doesn’t sound appealing. Maybe a coconut cereal would be a better tropical fruit to choose from? That makes more sense with milk. A pineapple and coconut cereal sound way better, like a pina colada.