Dad's Cooking #1 Seafood Empanadas

Introducing a new segment, Dad’s cooking! In this series, my dad will remake a restaurant dish to either be healthier or recreating a more expensive dish more affordable at home. Today he is making his own version of a seafood empanada

             Seafood Empanadas

Inspired by the Crab Empanadas from Harry Browne's


Almost a pound of shrimp from the seafood department. You can buy frozen shrimp and thaw them out as well
Diced red onion and bell pepper (about half a cup, can easy switch out for the different type of onion or pepper if needed
Diced portobello mushrooms

Add seasoning and lime to taste
Turn stove on to medium, add your oil of preference for a light fry

Fold over dough then use a fork to seal

The dipping sauce is 1 medium avocado, sour cream, squirt of lime and a mix of the taco seasoning and fajita mix

Dad decided to do shrimp because he has a crab allergy. I think you could realistically use any sort of shell fish or a thick enough white fish for this. A vegetarian or vegan version would be easy as well. Just use more vegetables and or tofu and use a vegan cheese that can melt. If not a fan of avocado, just make a quick spicy mayo (mayo, hot sauce, lime, spicy seasoning to taste).


  1. This looks yummy! I would love to have one of those! 😋❤


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