Do I Want More #1 7-11 Seven Select Edible Cookie Dough in Chocolate Chip

7-11 Seven Select Edible Cookie Dough in Chocolate Chip

Price varies by location

The dough unbaked is solid and easy to get out of the container. When I tried a piece while waiting to bake the others, I noticed a very strong, almost artificial vanilla flavor. I would prefer a balance with a brown sugar flavor profile. The chocolate chips are barely noticeable.

After 8 minutes, this is what it looked like. These cookies barely expand.

I let the cookies rest for 5 mins before trying the first one. I definitely prefer these baked. The artificial flavors faded into the background. I would prefer a richer chocolate flavor within the chips, but these cost under $3 so I'm not complaining much. I noticed a slight crunch on the outside. If you let them cool for 10 mins or longer, they do lose some of the chewiness. 

One of the biggest advantages of edible cookie dough that can be baked is that you can cook these to your preference. I would recommend these for a quick snack and a quick baked snack as well. I would try a different flavor because these are pretty neutral in flavor

Do I Want More? Yes but a different flavor