Order or Ignore International Edition #18

McDonalds Korea Salted Caramel Mcflurry
Ice cream with sweet & salty caramel and Oreo
Price unknown
Caramel and oreo are one of my top combinations in ice cream. We should be able to get more than one ingredient in a Mcflurry. I also wonder why we can’t have chocolate versions as well. If there are different flavored milkshakes, we should be able to get other options. I personally don’t care for the candy options so oreo is a good choice for me.

Burger King Stockholm Sourdough Halloumi
Halloumi burger with fresh ciabatta bread, tasty cajun sauce, cheese, salad, and tomato
Price Unknown
Halloumi and other cheeses that can be fried are very hard to find. I think this is a much more interesting meat-free option than just some random veggie burger you can find at the store. I wonder if the Cajun sauce is similar to the zesty sauce in America. I think this could be a fun option to see in other places. There is also a beef and chicken version of this.

McDonalds Italy McChicken Delicate
grilled zucchini meets all the taste of Provolone Valpadana DOP and a sauce with dried tomatoes from Puglia.
Price Unknown
I have never had zucchini on a sandwich before so this is totally new for me. I think it is the superior squash. I also really like dried tomatoes and think they go well in sauces. I am unfamiliar with the cheese but I generally like provolone so I would really like to try this. I'm surprised this doesn’t have a grilled version but either way, I would try this. Rare ingredients to see on a sandwich.

KFC Taiwan Pomelo-free boneless crispy chicken
Grapefruit glaze over crispy chicken bites
Grapefruit with chicken is a new flavor combination I haven’t heard of. Lemon pepper chicken is popular, so maybe this is a similar situation. Hopefully there is some spice involved, otherwise, it could be very bitter. There isn’t a lot of detail in the description but I thought it was interesting enough to think about what this could taste like.

KFC Hong Kong Spicy Chicken Mooncakes
nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, peaches, and spicy chicken floss
Price Varies
There is nothing that comes to mind while trying to imagine what chicken floss is. But this would be an entirely new food item for me so I would try it. I like all the ingredients involved and I like the breading that is being used. The spice will go well with the peach. I think mango would be interesting in this as well. I hope fast-food chains will start doing something similar to McDonald's is doing with the worldwide favorites.