Order or Ignore International Edition #19

Dominos Japan Avocado Shrimp Pizza
Shrimp, Avocado, Mayonnaise, Cherry Tomatoes, Basil, Tomato Sauce
¥2,800 (plus tax) size M
I needed this years ago. How do we not have this in America? All of these ingredients go together. I love the combination of shrimp with avocado and mayo. It could be a riff off of a tempura roll or Baja fish taco. The only pizza in the states with avocado that I am aware of is the one at California Pizza Kitchen. I would really enjoy seeing a spicy version.

Dominos Japan Loaded Wedges
Freshly baked potato wedges smothered in spicy taco meat and cheddar cheese.
¥499 (plus tax)
This is an easy add on item that takes French fries up another level. It’s like a Mexican version of chili fries. It looks less wet so you can actually get everything in one bite. I would like this on waffle fries as well to get crisper. I like shredded cheese over the cheese sauce.

McDonalds Korea Green Grape Chiller
Price varies
There are no details about what this is supposed to taste like. I like the idea of different grapes being represented in slushies. I hope this has a white grape juice taste. This just looks so refreshing on a hot day. It would be great if there was real fruit in there.

McDonalds Thailand Chicken Lasagna Pie
fried pastry crust filled with chicken, champignon mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce.
29 baht, or about 95-cents USD
I like the idea of a savory pie, especially one that just isn’t your basic pot pie. I don’t know what makes this lasagna but it seems like a fancy hot pocket. Do people fry hot pockets? They could have just called this a tomato and mozzarella pie or something. I expect ricotta cheese with lasagna. I would also like to see a vegetarian version.

Burger King Spain Feta Bites
Breaded and fried feta. Heinz honey mustard served on the side.
Price unknown
I am a hardcore cheese fanatic. Feta cheese is underrepresented. The tangy flavor goes well with being fried. However, what I will not do is disrespect feta cheese by eating it with mustard. I don’t think they need it, but where is a tomato sauce or just something else. Mustard makes no sense here.