Order or Ignore International Edition #20

KFC Malaysia Green Chili Crunch
Spicy lime chicken
Meals start at RM 17.50
I don’t understand why America doesn’t have more flavor options for fried chicken. I always get spicy chicken and if there is a spicy sauce, I’m getting that too. I want this just because I enjoy spicy chicken. If this has a sauce, I want that too. Green chilis are harder to find than red chilis.

Dominos Japan Fiesta Pizza
Taco Meat, Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Cheddar Sauce, Parsley Flakes, Tomato Sauce
Starts at ¥2,800
This makes sense as a fusion pizza. It is what I would imagine a Mexican pizza being. The only change I would make is that I would have some Mexican cheese that melts over the cheese sauce. Hopefully the taco meat has some spices, otherwise, this can get bland quick. I don’t see any peppers or hot sauce involved. This could maybe work in the US but as a limited edition to test the waters.

KFC France Double Tacos
using both a hard shell and soft shell tortilla, but separated by a layer of salsa. The inside layer has a meaty chicken strip, covered with cheese, tomatoes, onion, and a guacamole sauce.
Price Unknown
How are the KFC/Taco Bell hybrids not selling this? Or at least just taco bell they have sold similar items to this. You could easily customize this even more through the app. If they did this but in the Cheesy Gordita Crunch format I would buy it every time I wanted fast food.

Pizza Hut China Durian Peach Pizza
golden pillow durian, yellow peach, milk sauce, Mozzarella cheese
79.0 yuan
Way too much fruit on a savory pizza. I don’t want peaches on pizza. Pineapple can be negotiated but peaches are an absolute no. The milk sauce is also very questionable. This needs to be a dessert, not something for dinner.

Malibu Strawberry Fritz (UK)
Price Unknown
I love mixed drinks that I don’t have to make myself. This would be good straight up or mixed with something else if I was feeling creative that day. Anything Malibu releases I’m going to try it. This would see well in America especially in the warmer seasons.