Order or Ignore Internet Edition #17

Nestle Toll House Espresso Morsels
I would use these in chocolate-based desserts. I don’t see a lot of variety in morsels so this is a good idea. It’s a nice way to make a dessert a little more adult. There should be more options in the baking department to switch things up.

Organic Valley Ultra Milk
whole, 2% reduced-fat, 2% chocolate, and skim.
Whole Foods, wider release in the fall
$5.99 for 56 oz
I usually just use almond milk but this could be a good addition to coffee and maybe a replacement for creamer. I don’t drink milk straight up because it hurts my stomach sometimes. The lack of lactose and sugar is interesting and the protein. That is my only complaint about almond milk. The price does seem a bit high but it is cow milk that is organic and filtered so maybe it would be worth it. I’d try the chocolate first.

Absolut Vodka Absolut Juice
Strawberry or Apple
Price Varies
I love fruity drinks. This is supposed to be a bit lighter as well. The recommendation is to add it to club soda but I’d probably just use it in sangria or just over ice if its sweet enough to enjoy alone. Both flavors sound good but I’d probably go for the strawberry flavor first because it is more versatile.

Bailey’s Cold Brew
Irish Cream and Salted Caramel
Price Varies
Bailey’s is one of my favorite alcohol brands. I really like creamy drinks that I could get drunk off if I wanted to. This coffee doesn’t have liquor however I like the flavor enough to try these. I would go for the salted caramel first because it is a go-to flavor for me. Apparently, there are iced lattes from the brand that does have a bit of alcohol so I will look out for those as well.

Bojangles Cajun Filet Biscuit with Pimento Cheese
three types of cheese, diced pimentos, mayo, and Bojangles' seasoning.
Price Unknown
I have never had Bojangles but this is a new twist on a chicken biscuit. I also have never had pimento cheese but I’m a fan of mayo so I’d definitely try it. I’m surprised there aren’t more options to compete with chick fil a. Cajun was a good flavor profile for this as well.