Order or Ignore International Edition #21

KFC Singapore Chicken Steak with Gravy
Fried chicken thigh served with gravy and junior cheese fries
Price Unknown
Gravy adds another texture and level of flavor to fried foods, especially meats. Surprisingly enough, I don’t think I’ve ever got mashed potatoes and gravy from KFC. I don’t find any of their sides particularly interesting. When I was younger, it was getting chicken from KFC before the skin started getting soggy then go to Popeyes for sides. With gravy, I don’t expect crispy skin so I would order this. There is not enough gravy in the fast-food world. I think I would serve either two thighs or a breast so it seems like a full meal or at least offer that as an option. I am a little surprised they’re selling it as a steak instead of just fried chicken and gravy but whatever I’d buy this if there wasn’t a spicy option.

Pizza Hut Singapore Cheesy 7 Pizza
Six cheese plus a herb and spice cream cheese
Starts from SGD 26.50
This is the type of pizza I would get as a side when I’m really in the mood for wings. Since there’s no meat, there is a good chance that most people would at least try one piece. If the ordering is similar to the US version, I’d add some meat to it. I have never had cream cheese on a pizza but there is a benefit that its seasoning so its another level of texture and flavor.

Dominos Japan Tsukimi Pizza
Hokkaido white sauce, smoked bacon, egg salad, egg slices, a hint of mayo, sausage, parsley
¥2000 starting
I could see this at a nicer brunch event. The eggs, the breakfast meats, the sauces. I would eat this with a mimosa anything. I don’t mind egg salad and everything else I really like or I’m interested in trying so I’d buy this. I support alternative pizzas that aren’t just bbq or alfredo. Three different sauces are rare, especially for chain pizza locations. An egg makes more sense here than just on a random burger.

McDonald’s Singapore Roasted Sesame Ebi Burger
Crunch shrimp patty with roasted sesame mayo
Price Unknown (double version also available)
Fried shrimp is really good so I would imagine this patty being good as well. Shrimp is one of the most versatile types of seafood and it’s hard to mess up. Mayo is my condiment weakness so it’s very hard to not buy a sandwich with mayo. It is my go-to condiment, especially if you add some other flavors. Even better would be shrimp bites or just fried shrimp offered with the sauce.

KFC Romania Crispy Hot Dog
Deep-fried hot dog, red onion, pickled cucumbers, mustard, ketchup
5.50 Law
I tend to eat my hot dogs grilled for a very long time. I need that crisp element and I need some burnt. Deep-fried would be the next best option because I still get that crisp element and the toppings make sense. You can also get the double version but that might be too much for the bread. I would order this without the bun as well with a dipping sauce. 


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