Order or Ignore Internet Edition #18

Annie’s One Pot Pasta
Cheesy Mac, Pizza Mac, or White Cheddar Broccoli
Price Unknown
This is a healthier alternative to Hamburger Helper. There are vegetables included in each type. You add either chicken or some sort of ground meat. I have not had any one-pot items like this in a long time but I’d keep these around if I was going to babysit or something similar. It’s a good idea for kids especially.  I can see this doing pretty well and maybe other companies will update as well.

Kirkland Signature Vodka Cocktail Ice Pops
Lime Drop, Watermelon Hibiscus or Strawberry Freeze
Price Unknown at Costco
This is what will bring me back to eating popsicles. I like the idea of a different way to have some alcohol. I’m pleasantly surprised it’s more than 5%. I don’t care about the calories but if you are, it’s a good selling point. I would pick the lime or strawberry one. These come back in a pack of 18. I like that you have to freeze them first for mainly storage reasons.

Cinnamon Coke
Price Unknown. Release Date: September 30th, 2019
I love sodas with extra flavor. I would buy this as a mixer for liquor. This is creaming for some rum or even whiskey if you really want to step it up. I only drink soda maybe once a month but this is what I’d bring to holiday gatherings.

Winter Spiced Cranberry Sprite
Price Unknown. Release Date: September 30th, 2019
This reminds me of a flavor I would create at a coke lifestyle. Sprite goes well with every fruit flavor so I would definitely buy this. I can see having this with some sort of clear liquor or even a mikes hard lemonade in cranberry. I am curious about what the spices will be. Maybe similar to apple pie spice or even a pumpkin spice mix as well.

Farm Stand Black Cherry Lemonade
$2.48 at Grocery Outlet
Lemonade is probably my favorite non-alcoholic drink besides sweet tea. I really like lemonades with other fruits but black cherry is a new variety I was not aware of. My favorite lemonade is the blueberry one from Simply Lemonade. I would also use this a mixer for an adult lemonade. I enjoy a sweet drink so this would be a good base.