Order or Ignore Internet Edition #19

TGI Friday’s Dragon Fire Boneless Chicken Bites
Price Unknown
TGI Friday's has good chicken options. These would be a safe purchase for me. Nuggets are one of the most reliable frozen items you can buy. I wonder how spicy is this really though. This would be bought on sale because the original price for this brand can be high. I would have these with some other frozen apps or maybe some fries. It would be a good easy to heat item if I was having people over who really enjoy spicy food. 

Pioneer Woman Zucchini Chips
Served with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Price Unknown at Safeway
I love fried vegetables. Tempura batter is my favorite but I would definitely try these. The sauce can go though. I want a remoulade of some sort with these instead. I haven’t tried any Pioneer Woman food yet but I trust her to have a good product.

Nestle Chocolate Curls
White Chocolate, Red and White, Chocolate
3.8 oz for $4
This reminds me of adult sprinkles. I have never attempted making my own chocolate curls and now I don’t have to. I would get these if I was making a dessert for a special occasion when I want something to look fancier.  The price is reasonable enough for the labor it would be if I did it myself. 

Tostitos American Favorites Mini Snack Mixes
Cheeseburger Pizza Rolls, Cheddar Bites, Ham and Cheese Bites, Potato Bites
Price Unknown
I haven’t had pizza rolls in at least 4 years but this mix is making me reconsider. I like anything that resembles an appetizer platter. I like that there is an equal amount of meat options and non-meat option so it can be shared with others. My only complaint is that there is no regular pizza rolls mixed in here but I think I would keep these around for last minute guests.

Coldstone Honey Graham Bowl
Milk and honey ice cream, caramel, golden graham cereal
Price Unknown
Graham crackers don’t get enough attention. There are more uses for them besides smores. This would be a good alternative if I didn’t want something with a lot of chocolate like I usually do. I would like to see salted caramel in this but this is giving me teddy graham vibes and I’m interested.


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