Order or Ignore Internet Edition #21

Church’s Chicken Flamin Honey Megabites
Chicken seasoned with sweet and spicy flavors with honey
5 pieces with a biscuit $3
Somehow, I have not tried Church’s Chicken. Which is outrageous because I’m a true fan of fried chicken and it’s a lot of work to make for one person. The value for this is pretty great. I have not tried the hot honey flavor combination but it does seem interesting and this would be a low risk purchase.

Great Value Maple Mini Marshmallows
$1 at Walmart
I haven’t figured out what id do with these yet but it's rare to see marshmallows with different flavor profiles. Maybe a smores with a cinnamon sugar graham cracker without the chocolate? A topping for sweet potato pie? Or just roasted plain that’s enough. For the price, I’d easily pick them up.

Checkers/Rally’s Cheese Loaded Burger
2 beef patties stuffed with pepper jack, more cheese, crispy onions, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, mayo, and mustard
I tend to avoid checkers because I don’t like cheese sauce on burgers and they aren’t conveniently placed. However, I’m such a fangirl for cheese, I need to try it. The price makes me think it might be a smaller portion so I’d get some wings or something which I was not aware was an option until I looked up the menu. I don’t think this needs all 3 of the condiments but that wouldn’t stop me. If this does well and stays on the menu, I would like to see a spicy version and something with more vegetables.

Taco Bell Cheddar Chalupa
Starts at $2.49
Toasted cheddar on the chalupa, choice of meat and the usual toppings
I already like chalupas so if my favorite (cheesy gordita crunch) is unavailable I would try this. Any opportunity for extra flavor is always appreciated. I would just use the app to make more customizations to this because by itself it’s a little basic.

Corner Bakery Prime Rib and Provolone Panini
Mushroom, caramelized onion, roasted red peppers, arugula, and black pepper balsamic aioli
Price Unknown
Mainly, I want to see if I can handle balsamic flavors with mayo. I prefer a citrus-based acid over it but adding mayo may mellow out the flavors enough. Everything else on this sandwich would be something I would eat anyways. I think one of the veggies could be taken out, either the mushrooms or red peppers. I haven’t seen a price on this but it’s prime rib so I’d pay more anyways.