Order or Ignore Internet Edition #23

Utz Cheese Filled Cheese Balls
$4.76 at Walmart
I can’t remember the last time I have cheese balls but it makes sense for a snack like this. This reminds me of when Cheetos had a whole bunch of fried items. I do wish they used actual cheeseballs but I would still try these. Plain mozzarella sticks get boring. The price seems reasonable enough. The salt content may be high though. I wish more frozen items came with dipping sauce.

Borden Limited Edition State Fair Inspirations Flavored Milk
Blueberry Cobbler, Cotton Candy, Banana
Price Unknown at Kroger
Absolutely not. There is no way these flavors are remotely natural. Fake fruit flavors are really hard to digest especially in regular cow milk. I could maybe see the blueberry one with almond milk but it would have to be a puree. Cotton candy is just sugar so that’s an easy skip. Strawberry milk can be hit or miss so I just can imagine risking trying any of these. The banana is a skip because of an allergy but this is just not for me at all. I think the timing of the release is off as well.

Great Value Cheeseburger Onion Rings
Ground beef, cheese, and onion battered and fried
$4.97 at Walmart
What a creative drunk food idea. All these needs is a thousand island type dipping sauce or a remoulade. I would get these if I was having people over for some drinks or something and I would fry these over baking. My one concern would be if the onion was minced. Minced onions seem to be so bland. Also, the texture is always mushy.

Great Value Churro Loops
Price Unknown at Walmart
Churros are really hard to find so this would be a nice treat yourself item. I’d be curious if these include frying directions because that would be amazing. I would even consider having a cinnamon sugar mix to add more if needed. I don’t buy a lot of frozen foods but this is something I’m probably not going to attempt to make from scratch. As long as these aren’t over $6 I’d grab them for having friends over or maybe a home date night.

Great Value Funnel Cake Sticks
Includes a packet of powder sugar
Price Unknown at Walmart
This is another item I would deep fry regardless of instructions. These would be like pancakes if you baked them. I would also add extra powder sugar because I doubt they give you a substantial amount. I like that they are in stick form because usually funnel cakes are very large and its hard to finish. I could see making a fruit compote and other dessert related sauces for these to add some extra variety.