Blogtober 11 Popular foods I haven't had yet

Popular foods I want to try but haven't for whatever reason

Nashville hot chicken- I love spicy wings. Zingers, buffalo wings, hot wings I love them all. I have never had wings prepared with a spicy paste so I’m curious about it. I know this was trendy maybe a year or two ago but I’m always looking for spicy chicken. The problem is, I’m on the east coast and don’t know where to get legit hot chicken. I’d prefer to taste the real stuff so I can form a real opinion. Or, I’ll try to find some recipes because I do know how to fry chicken anyways.

Pho-  I really enjoy the different soups I have had from other Asian cultures and I really like rice noodles. There seems to be a lot of different directions it can go in. I definitely want all the fatty broth, a decent amount of noodles. I like the idea of a broth that has more substance than what you would find in a basic soup. I think I would go beef, the fattier the better and add an egg because I think an egg would add another positive benefit.

Lobster Roll- Now I know this has been around for a long time. There are now more places just to buy them, I just haven’t made the leap. I really like lobster but it is super expensive and I wonder what the bread would really add to it. However, I keep seeing them and I just want to know so I can take it off of my list. I would order it Maine style with mayo. Lobster with butter sounds great but I don’t want that with bread. Plus from my research, the mayo can have some lemon flavor which sounds tasty.

Cookie butter- I know this is old news. I still haven’t tried it. I think because I don’t know what to do with it? I just want to have a plan for it besides eating it out of the jar at 2am for a snack. Maybe I would swirl it in brownies or use it for a build your own sundae situation. I will eventually, I'm a cheap ass and if I'm going to spend the extra money it would be on cheese or meat.

Fried oysters- I have had raw ones and the texture is unsettling to me but fried they might be better? I really like fried seafood so I think it would work for me. I like the sea salt flavor but I don’t like the feeling of goo going down my throat. I do add lemon and hot sauce when they are raw but I really don’t plan on it again. I tried them at a buffet once but they were gritty. I’ve also had them on dates but I just don’t get it, and I like sushi.