Blogtober #2 Order or Ignore International Edition #23

KFC Philippines Sisig Rice Bowl Combo
KFC Hot Shots drizzled with chicken sisig sauce, fried chicken skin, topped with mayo, leeks, a side of egg paired with flavorful sisig rice and your choice of drink.
Sisig apparently involves a pork base. So pork plus rice and chicken makes sense to me. This item would be a new eating experience which is rare for fast food. I think mayo is undervalued as a flavor and condiment so I really like to see it being used in different ways. And you get chicken skin as well? How could I resist? I can't say this particular item would do well as an American release but at least give us the chicken skin!

KFC Philippines Baconized Bucket of Fries
Our signature thick-cut flavored fries in the junior bucket, now with baconnaise, bacon relish and shredded cheese.
₱ 100.00
Something many people don’t know about me is that I love French fries with mayo. So bacon mayo is something I just cannot ignore. Even though it is a thicker cut, I would still get these because I prefer mayo over the cheese sauce and will fight you about it. I love when fries and tacos have shredded cheese instead of cheese sauce. The only time I will accept cheese sauce is if it is homemade.

Starbucks Japan Baked Apple Tea
This is a fruity-flavored iced tea with the subtle cinnamon flavor and sweetness of Pink Apple Compote
Short ¥ 440
Apple is a nice change of pace from all the sweeter or more citrus-based teas. I think it does work well in tea, it is just harder to find. I personally prefer pumpkin spice scent over flavor so I welcome all fall flavor alternatives. I’m not sure what the baked part translates to but I would try this

Pizza Hut China Shengshi Double Pepper Chicken Pizza
chicken, red pepper sauce, green sauce pepper sauce, musk pepper sauce, vegetables, Mozzarella cheese
59.0 yuan
I’ve never seen a pizza with two different sauces. I really enjoy spice so I like the option of being able to try two different flavor profiles. This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing pizzas I have seen. The chicken looks breaded which is a nice touch. Chicken can be dry on pizza so it’s a risk I rarely take. It’s hard to tell what vegetables are on here but I do see some tomato.

Pizza Hut China Heart Cheese Cheese Ball (5 pieces) 
chicken, cheese, wrapped rice
29.0 yuan
What is this supposed to look like? At first, I thought it was some sort of truffle. I have no idea what is making that brown color happen. I like chicken and cheese so that would be enough to try it. There are peanuts on top of these which I don’t get either but these is just bizarre enough for me to try.