Blogtober #4 What Five Fast Food Chains are Missing

McDonald's- Breakfast Scramble/Skillet

Remember when it was a big deal that McDonald's was going to have all-day breakfast? The hype didn’t last long, especially when taco bell decided to come out with a breakfast menu. There are not enough options for breakfast. The same breakfast sandwich just with 3 different bread options. I think a breakfast scramble with an option to get sauce is missing. There’s too much bread on the menu and it is repetitive. The only other option you have is yogurt, oatmeal and those pancake plates which is hard to eat on the go. The quality is middle school lunch as best. I want a bowl with my choice of meat, potatoes, veggies, and cheese. Make a vegetarian or vegan bowl with extra high protein vegetables or a meat alternative. I want to be able to get a sauce for it as well, either a new option or I’d take the signature one they have (or bring back habanero ranch but that’s another post). I looked at some other fast food breakfast options and everyone else has more variety. Burger King has croissants and French toast. Taco Bell has items that you could see at brunch and can be jazzed up by different sauces. Fast food in general needs to freshen up their breakfast menu. I don’t think they have to go super healthy but at least either more variety or a more fun kind of ridiculous option.

Taco Bell- Fish/Seafood option
I really think offering shrimp or a cheaper fish would be a good option to have. The only place you can get fried fish is Captain D’s but where are they these days. If fast food places can offer a fish sandwich, taco bell can give us a beer batter seafood taco. Offer fried or grilled shrimp or fish, add that gordita crunch sauce on it, maybe some onion and call it a day. I wouldn’t need much. I would pay the extra money. Their chicken isn’t great and the steak isn’t worth the price. With the app, you can build your own items which I would do, especially if we can get some more options

Five Guys- Chicken sandwich
The beef is unseasoned and overcooked. They barely melt the cheese. I think the quality is there but there need to be more options or they will be left behind. Five guys could give us quality chicken, fried preferably. Grilled chicken sandwiches tend to be dry. I have never had the hotdogs but I can get those at the grocery store. That isn’t unique enough.  I also would like to see some avocado. You can’t tell me they can't afford it. Especially for vegetarians.  That would really add to the meat-free options as well. Can you get extra cheese? Or offer some other cheese options as well. Give us a sharp cheddar or a pepper jack.

Chipotle- Ground Beef or Shrimp
I never hear anything about the shredded meats. It’s either the chicken or steak. I think offering ground beef would bring more eaters in the restaurant. It’s why ground beef is the most popular at taco bell. I also think a seafood option would bring in more diners as well. I don’t think the carnitas would be missed. I just want to see more options from them. I know its already more customized but imagine the quesarito with quality ground beef. Also, for kids, I think ground beef is a safe option as well. An easy way to ease a child into new food options. As far as the seafood option, I can see people making fajita with the shrimp and bell peppers. Chipotle is good, I enjoy it but there are definitely other options I would try. They need to keep up with other places and offer more options. Also, I'm tired of always having to ask for more cheese. It can't be that expensive.

Popeyes- Bone-in Wings
Where is the option just to get wings?  I can get fried baby shrimp sometimes but not wings? You already sell all the other parts of the chicken. I want a full bucket of wings with biscuits. I want an extra spicy version like the ones at kfc but better quality. The tips of the wings need to be cut off though unless they’re going to serve jumbo wings.  Also, bring the blackened ranch back. Or make some sort of new signature sauce. If popeyes can dominate the chicken sandwich wars, give us some quality bone-in wings. Offer some sauces they can be sauced in. I already trust their chicken they can give us more sauce. They did sell wings before in a limited edition way but they were really small. Give us normal or jumbo-sized wings.