blogtober #6 cheap candles i need

I am absolutely in love with having strong scents around me. I am one of those people who will hunt for the right scent for the right price. Candles are a form of self care for me. Dollar General low key has some very strong scents so I decided to look for some candles that are way more likely for me to buy this season

Pillsbury Waxmelt Cinnamon Roll
I personally have never used a wax warmer but now I’m interested. I like the idea of it for smaller spaces. If I like it enough, maybe I’ll buy a bigger one. I just like the esthetic of tealights. I had no idea Pillsbury had candles out! I really enjoy the scent of cinnamon so I think this would be a really nice scent I’d put in my room or a bathroom. This is the type of scent I don’t think could be “too strong” especially in a melt form. That price is also hard to ignore, at least just t.o try. There is also a sugar cookie scent I’d pick up as well.

True Living Salted Caramel Candle, 18 Oz
Sale $3.75
Salted caramel is one of my favorite flavors all year round. It’s not seasonal for me in the slightest. I would stock up on this scent because I would never get tired of it. The salt addition keeps it from being too sweet. Any candle with caramel I want it just send it over already, let’s not waste time here.

TrueLiving Candle Vanilla Honey, 14oz
This would be a good neutral scent to have in my kitchen or living room area when I need a break from pumpkin and gingerbread. I have bought this brand before and they are strong. I have a lot of animals and this will cover up anything. I wonder if this is seasonal or not because this seems like something that would be on my radar.

TrueLiving Candle Apple Pear, 14oz
I think Apple is underused in candles. I have never smelled a terrible apple candle. This makes sense for a seasonal release. It’s not as aggressive as a pumpkin spice but it’s strong enough of a scent that should work well in the household. This works for all seasons.

TrueLiving Candle Orange Zest, 16oz
Give me all the citrus candles. There’s something about citrus that makes a home feel fresh and inviting. Lemon can get a bit into cleaning supply status but all the other fruits just freshen up a home so nicely. Usually orange is just like orange and cream but this is straight orange. I noticed the label mentioning essential oils which is definitely is a plus as well. This should be a very strong long-lasting scent.