blogtober 8 recipes i want to make

I consider myself a pretty good home cook. I cook most of my meals so I love looking for recipes for inspiration and put my twist on. IN this post, I’m talking about a few bookmarks I have saved that are just screaming at me to cook

Crockpot Deep Dish Pizza by A Spicy Perspective
I have made deep-dish pizza in the oven before but if I can do it in the crockpot too? That would be a good recipe to have. I really want to get into more crockpot meals that aren’t just putting a hunk of meat in the pot. For meal prep, I could have this going, something in the oven and on the stove. Basically, I want to step up my meal prep game and I think this would be a fun option to have in rotation. Buying a deep dish is expensive ( I get it, but still) so having more ways to make it would be great.

I have never thought about using chips or related snacks in a real meal that isn’t just chicken tenders. When I saw this recipe I went to clean my glasses to make sure I was seeing things correctly. This just seems like a really unique spin on lasagna. I personally enjoy it but not enough to make a whole pan of it for me and my boyfriend. It’s just a lot unless I’m going to a potluck. Plus you can get those flavors in so many other options. I actually have never had flaming hot Cheetos. I think it’s because I prefer cheese puffs and I haven’t had those in years. I think this would go well in my household and I would send extra to family members. The ingredients make sense and you can easily customize this to personal preferences.

Chicken Fried Bologna Sandwich from The Takeout
This is kind of ridiculous and not needed but why not give a spin to a protein that doesn’t get much attention. Bologna tends to be put into hot dog status because of the perceived quality. I will eat a hot dog or bologna that is cooked for a long time so its crispy and kind of dark. Deep frying is just another way to add texture. I like that they say to use a thick slice because otherwise, it would probably fall apart.

Roasted Marshmallows from My Food Infatuation
I love roasted marshmallows but I could do without smores. I just don’t care for candy like that, especially name-brand chocolate bars. I find Hershey bars too sweet. I also like almost burnt crispy marshmallows. I wasn’t aware you could make them in the oven so it’s something I want to try. I can't have a fire pit where I’m staying so this is the next best thing.

Biscuits from Mom on Timeout
I have made bread before but I don’t have a biscuit recipe. I am tired of those cheap little rolls people bring to holidays. I know I could easily buy the canned ones but they never taste the same reheated. They also tend to have that fake butter flavor that is hard to find. I’d have to find something to cut them out though because I’m not buying a biscuit cutter until I know id make them regularly enough to do so.  Also if I can master biscuits, I can make really tasty breakfast sandwiches for meal prep.