blogtober 9 unpopular food opinion

Today I’m going to talk about some food opinions I have that apparently, are unpopular

Old bay- I think it’s overused. You can never just get a normal amount of it. It’s the most aggressive flavor. When you get seasoned seafood it’s always caked on. I also don’t think the more expensive seafood like crab or lobster doesn’t need much seasoning anyways. I’m way more concerned about is the amount of butter.  Even a flavored butter would be fine but I am tired of the old bay being the only seasoning in seafood.

Ketchup- I don’t need this condiment. It could vanish and I wouldn’t notice. It’s too sweet for me. I don’t buy it or use it unless someone’s child asks me for it or my boyfriend picks it out. I am aware there is low sugar ketchup out there but it just isn’t appealing. I either want something that is bolder like mustard or a remoulade, or neutral like a quality mayo.

Dips for fries- I really like mayo for fries or any sauce related to that ranch at the outback steakhouse. I don’t need ketchup or honey mustard. I just really enjoy more of a mayo base. I would probably dip fries in guacamole as well. I think I just prefer thicker sauces. They should make a loaded potato sauce for fries

Potato Wedges-
This is my least favorite fry preparation. If I want a thick potato, I’ll just eat mashed potatoes. Those logs of potato are not real fries. I want fries to be thinner and crispy. I prefer a hand-cut or really a shoestring type of fry. I want a good ratio to crispy interior and not a dry inside. They’re just too big and tend to be dry. If they were served nacho style with a lot of cheese, then maybe but I just find them to be a waste of time

Sloppy Joes- I’m not sure how relevant these are but this is in my top 3 of worst sandwiches. I would much rather have a burger. I just don’t like loose meat on bread. The sauce is like an overly tangy and sweet bbq. It’s one food I just can’t get into. I get that is easy to make and serve but I could also just eat a BLT and be good.