Order or Ignore Internet Edition #26

Burrata Lemon Zest Herb Ravioli
A creamy lemon pasta is my ideal option. Burrata is really hard to find which is enough for me to spend over $4 for this. Ravioli tends to be basic. Just a lot of cheese, maybe some meat. I like that lemon is added to the pasta and herbs are always a plus. This would be a splurge type product but I could easily make this into a really good meal. I do wonder how much cheaper this would be if it came frozen instead of fresh.

Pastrami Pork Belly Bao
Pork belly, pickled cucumbers, hoisin glaze
Panda Express
I have never had bao before. The rice bun seems like it would be a soft texture that I would really enjoy. Pork belly would be new to me but I like bacon and other cured pork products. Also, I have never been to panda express. I would rather support a local neighborhood location who is probably going to give me more food than a chain anyways.

Zatarain’s Andouille and Cajun Sausages
Price Unknown
It’s about time bigger sausages get some more flavor options. This would make a quick dinner and I really like that it is 100% pork with no extra fillers. I usually don’t buy sausage in this format because it doesn’t last long and it's more expensive than the raw sausage. I would love to see this format with cheese inside. This makes more sense to me than the frozen meals they used to have.

Quiznos Prime Rib Horseradish XL
8-inch sub with swiss, onion and creamy horseradish sauce
Price Unknown
I trust Quiznos with beef before Subway any time, any place. I really enjoy prime rib so it would be something I would buy. It’s expensive to buy raw and I also don’t know how to make it. So, until I get my life together, this is something I’d like. I know horseradish is polarizing but adding a fatty element is a good balance. I’m not sure what the cheese adds to this. The only reason I don’t go to Quiznos as much as I used to is that there is not as much customization as other places.

Garlic Cheese Fondue Pizza with Pretzel Crust
Price Unknown
This reminds me of the white pizzas you would order from school fundraisers. I can’t remember what it was called but this may be the replacement I have been looking for. I’m really curious about the garlic butter sauce and how thick it may be. I have never had a pretzel crust for pizza but it makes sense with the toppings. Hopefully, more pizza options will come out because just pepperoni and supreme is getting old.


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