EIFA Reacts #1 Discontinued Fast Food Items

This is a segment where I will give some opinions about a food-related news article. Today, I'm giving my thoughts on some very popular discounted fast food items.


Wendys Bacon and Blue Burger
I found it very interesting that the reason it was removed was that, it was too messy. Toppings can slip out of burgers pretty easily. I really like blue cheese but I wouldn’t order this because “steak sauce” is usually just A1 sauce which I don’t want. That flavor profile takes over the whole burger. I think that was more of the issue than the cheese crumbles falling out. The bacon has enough smoky flavor that the steak sauce was not needed. Blue cheese, bacon and steak sauce are all strong flavors that may have been too much for customers at that time. Bring this back with a blue cheese sauce to replace the steak sauce.

McDonalds Scezuan Sauce
I did not even try to get this. I am not going to take the time to get a sauce that is only available for one day. I just find that type of fan culture obnoxious. I like Rick and Morty but it’s entertainment, not a lifestyle. The way certain fans reacted when the sauce was gone was completely abhorrent. None of the staff should have had to deal with any sort of abuse. It’s just a sauce. I feel the same way when makeup companies only have limited stock. I will buy things when I'm ready. I don’t think companies, especially fast food needs to sell anything that limited.

Burger King Angry Whopper
I used to get this burger. It’s one of two reasons why I stopped going to Burger King. I loved this!. Spicy and creamy sauces with fried onions? I can't resist. This would do even better now. People want more spice and flavor. Crispy onions are always welcome for me on most sandwiches. If the bacon makes the sandwich “too expensive” take it off but fast food places need to step it up with the hot flavor. If Wendy's paid attention and is bringing spicy nuggets, others need to follow suit.

Popeyes Big Easy Chicken Bowl
This could do well now because of how popular KFC famous bowls are. However, it needs a few different options or tweaks. I don’t need gravy with red beans and rice. You should be able to build a bowl. The dirty rice they sell should be an option. My ideal bowl would be spicy fried chicken, dirty rice and cheese or red beans and rice. Popeyes also have mashed potatoes so why wasn’t that an option? Their gravy is just okay.  I also don’t see how sour cream would be a good option. I wouldn’t even ask for it.

Burger King Cheesy Tots
These can stay gone. The cheese flavor tastes like fake Velveeta and they were never crispy enough. Burger King is very weak in its potato game. The fries aren’t crispy enough either. I can’t recall if there was a sauce with the tots. I need tots to be hot and crispy every time. The onion rings are the better side but those can be a bit soggy too. Burger King needs to focus on improving its core menu items and being more consistent.