Order or Ignore International Edition #24

Hungry Jack’s Bursties
Strawberry, Orange, Lemon
Add on for $1
I just have too many questions to take this seriously. Is this like boba (which I haven’t tried)? How strong can the flavor really be? Why can't you just add flavor without texture? How quickly do these dissolves? I just can't imagine paying for this. A freestyle type machine would make way more sense here. Also, strawberry and soda together aren’t really making sense to me either. Actually, I don’t think I’d add any of these to a soda unless it’s a sprite. Then again, I could make my own mix of sodas for free in-store.

KFC Taiwan Pesto Chicken Meal
Pesto tossed chicken, vegetables with chicken butter rice
155 NT
Honestly, I’m just curious how an Asian outlet of an international chain works with a completely different flavor profile. It would be an interesting change of pace if you went here on a regular basis. I can’t resist pine nuts. They are so expensive in America so I would get this just to have the nuts. This also just seems like a reasonable dinner. Meat, veg, starch. Pesto is undervalued. Herbs and nuts are such a great combination.

McDonalds Philippines Chocolate Pie
PHP 42
There isn’t a lot to this but its all chocolate and something I’m not taking the time to make at home so why not? I have never had a bad pie from McDonald's. At least it’s just not another fruit pie, that is so easy to find. Even Burger King has more interesting options than that. I do wonder if the filling is more pudding or sauce like but I would try it.

McDonalds Philippines Coffee McFlurry with Oreos
PHP 52
This is giving me mudslide vibes and I’m here for it. Finally, some more flavors. I may have discussed this before but why does American McDonald’s only has vanilla mcflurrys? I always do dairy queen or even Baskin Robbins for ice cream because they have more options. I would get this as a daytime snack. Oreos are in my top 3 mix ins (brownies and cookie dough as well) so it’s hard for me to ignore. I would add some hot fudge to increase the chocolate flavor and whipped cream because why not? I would like to see more developed sundaes from McDonald's.

McDonalds Philippines Classic Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls
PHP 75
I personally make milk tea for myself often. I would love to be able to buy it as well. I add almond milk (usually unsweetened or original) to any warm tea I make. I also will add it to an iced chai. I have never had any pearls in my drink but I like brown sugar enough so I’d still try it. It’s nice to have other options besides soda. I do wonder if the pearls are the only sugar in this though.