Order or Ignore International Edition #25

KFC South Africa Nacho Cheese Crunch Burger
Crunchy chicken with cheese sauce, a slice of cheese, nacho cheese chips and mayo
R 34,90
Bring on all the cheese! If I can’t have spice give me cheese. The coated chicken is an interesting touch plus the two other cheese layers keep this interesting. I would love to see a spicy version but I would definitely order this. This would do well in America. We love cheese! This is a very yellow looking sandwich but I want it. This is a fun but approachable sandwich.

KFC Malaysia Brown Sugar Boba Tea Tart
The flaky puffy crust, bubble milk tea custard with brown sugar jelly bobas
I have never tried the bubbles but I love milk tea enough to try this. Plus it’s so cheap so why not try it. I wish milk tea was more popular in America. I make it at home but it would nice to be able to get it out as well. One day I will try bubble tea somewhere I just can’t get over the little balls in the bottom. What do they even taste like?

McDonald’s Philippines Spicy Fried Chicken
PHP 190
I really enjoyed it when Mcdonalds had the mighty wings back in the early 2000s. Not the last time a few years ago that they were out because they were way too greasy. This is bigger pieces so hopefully, it wouldn’t have those same issues. I love a hot chicken that doesn’t have sauce. McDonald's could enter the fried chicken wars in America if they brought this over. No one is giving the McChicken barely any attention. Bring some competition against Popeye’s and KFC with bone-in chicken.

Starbucks Japan Merry Strawberry Cake Frappuccino
Strawberry frappe with strawberry sauce, sponge cake milk and cake pieces in the bottom
Price Unknown
I used to order the basic strawberry frappe back in the day before I found the caramel one. The strawberry one is like the basics. You get it until you find something more flavorful. Strawberry yoohoo has more flavor. However, adding a strawberry sauce is what that frappe needs. If you say strawberry, I want it to be much stronger. I also like the idea of the cake-flavored milk and the cake pieces just add an extra layer of fun. American can have the unicorn frappe but we can’t get this? Shameful. Why does America only get the super crazy stuff? If I want a sundae, I’ll go to an ice cream place.

Subway Germany Fajita Festiva Sub
Mexican flavored chicken strips, shredded cheese, guacamole, dorritos, spicy salsa, chipotle southwest sauce
Price Unknown
I haven’t had subway in years but this has layers of flavor I’m into. I love cheese and spice, this has both. I don’t remember how creamy the southwest sauce is so I would maybe add mayo. I like the different textures involved with this as well. This is the type of sandwich I would order because its unlikely I’d make this at home. Most of subways options would be easier and cheaper to make at home. I’d also be able to make more than one sub. More fast-food chains need to do what McDonald’s did, bringing international items as a limited time deal. Give it a few months and if it is popular enough, keep it on the menu.


  1. The nacho cheese sandwich sounds okay, but I’d like to see more spice to it! And I’ve had bubble tea - the balls don’t really have a taste. It’s more of a texture. They’re like the tiny roe on the outside of sushi rolls that pop in your mouth, just larger. Give it a shot!


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