Order or Ignore Internet Edition #28

Dog Haus Turducken Sausage
turducken sausage topped with turkey gravy, Haus slaw and crispy fried onions, all served on grilled King’s Hawaiian rolls.
Price Unknown
I talked about Dog Haus in my post about what chains I want to try (Chains I want to try) and I would definitely get this. I personally have never seen a real turducken in person so this might the best chance I have. The texture would probably be different than what I’m thinking, not as moist because of the amount of white meat. Gravy is a favorite and I can’t resist a fried onion topping. I could do without the slaw but I’m happy there isn’t cranberry on there just to be” festive”.

Cheese Advent Calendar
Target, Lidl, Kroger, and others
One day I will get one of these calendars! Cheese, wine, beauty, whatever I want one. I am absolutely obsessed with cheese and would struggle only eating one a day. There seems to be a variety of options but this could be called the book of cheddar and I’d still want it. I would like to see a mini liquor version and a salami one as well.

Sonic Mac n Cheese Bites
To my knowledge, Sonic doesn’t serve mac n cheese so I would be interested to know what their version is.  I think it’s a fun twist on just mozzarella sticks. Outback Steakhouse and Cheesecake factory have the best versions of it in my opinion. I like the addition of bacon, hopefully, it’s not just bacon bits (do those still exist? It’s like pork flavored pebbles). I’m not seeing a sauce option so I’d probably get ranch.

Great Value Gingerbread Twist and Shout Cookies
Price Unknown
There are not enough gingerbread options. I usually just buy the Pepperidge farms gingerbread cookies but I would enjoy more options. I have not tried Walmart’s version. I know they are cheaper so this would be a low risk buy for me. The natural flavor is a nice touch as well because they could have easily added more fake flavors.

Hot Pockets Sweet Treats
Apple cinnamon and cinnamon roll
What is the dry, bland wannabe toaster strudels is this? Hot pocket bread does not even remotely compete with the flaky layers of toaster strudel. For the base, I either want more of a pie crust or a flaky crust. Not just a toasted bread. The filling for the cinnamon one is really unappetizing. I would rather the cream cheese been an icing drizzled on top. The apple one just looks boring. I just can't imagine this competing with the other sweet breakfast options. The price is good though.


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