Order or Ignore International Edition #27

Hungry Jacks Grill Masters Chorizo and Angus
flame-grilled Angus patty, stacked with premium Chorizo, Egmont cheese, Smoky BBQ sauce, mustard and mayo on a toasted Brioche style bun.
Price Unknown
This reminds me of an elevated backyard burger. Chorizo is not seen in fast food a lot which is surprising. Actually, sausage, in general, isn’t seen a lot. I would order more sandwiches with a layer of it or have it in place of regular breakfast sausage. I don’t need all three condiments but there is enough going on that I could ignore it. American markets need this type of variety. Cant just keep adding a new sauce to the same thing.

KFC France Wrapper
Tortilla, cream sauce, 1 chicken fillet, 3 raclette slices, 2 bacon slices (if bacon supplement), 2 hash browns
Price Unknown
Raclette cheese is on my cheese wish list. I have seen many clips of it melted and I would like to have it. I like the more substantial wrap option. Usually, it’s just a little bit of meat and lettuce. This reminds me of a crunch wrap. Everything in this sandwich I enjoy. I definitely think this could work in America. Give it a brunch type of advertising. I would love to see a brunch collection from fast food. I’ve only seen it from Jack in the Box. That would be a great way to boost interest in breakfast as well. I would love to see a spicy version as well but what else is new.

Pizza Hut Korea Waffle-Cut Potato Mega Pizza
waffle-cut fries, cut bacon slices, bits of bacon, cheddar cheese, a drizzle of ranch
Price Unknown
This just looks so dry to me. The ranch isn’t enough. I also don’t believe the fries will be crispy. They could have just made waffle cheese fries for a side dish and call it a day. The bacon looks more like Canadian ham which I also find can be dry. This is just a boring release for the country who usually pushes the envelope more.

KFC Taiwan Thick Cocoa Cloud Tart
cocoa butter, Portuguese waffles, Marshmallow, crispy caramel, and then sprinkled with Full of bittersweet cocoa powder, salt 
I have no idea what an egg tart is but the combination of chocolate, marshmallow, caramel sounds like a great combination to me. I think the fast-food world in general needs more variety in the dessert section. It is rare for me to order it because I’d rather just get more savory food. I do like the ideas of little tarts though.  More fast food chains need to have limited edition international items so we can try more.

Dominos Japan Quattro Chef's Premium Selection
Black Angus Beef & Garlic, Smoked Salmon Basil Mayo, Black Angus Beef with Rich Gravy Sauce, Smoked Salmon & Hokkaido Camembert Cheese
I like the idea of different types of pizza in one. I would eat all of these! Beef is not a typical topping but as long as it isn’t well done, it should work with cheese and bread. Garlic and steak make sense, I love gravy so it would work with beef and bread. Smoked salmon is in my top three favorite preparations of salmon and I rarely see it on anything besides a bagel. The mayo one interests me a touch more but both look good. I would order a pizza with just the salmon options. I wish more fish were smoked. The texture can’t be beaten.