Order or Ignore International Edition #29

Haagen-Dazs Japan Mini Cup Goldenberry Rare Cheesecake
Hokkaido cream cheesecake ice cream, goldenberry sauce
295 YEN
Cheesecake is not utilized enough in desserts. Why isn’t cheesecake served with ice cream more often? They are both creamy and thick! I have no idea what golden berries are but I enjoy berries so I’d go for it. I like the use of a smaller serving. Actually, this should be used more often with new flavors. Oreo needs to pay attention to this marketing. The type of cream cheese is also new to me. Extra points for how pretty the package is.

KFC Malaysia White BBQ Crunch Chicken
Hot chicken drizzled with hot sauce and white bbq sauce
2 piece combo meal RM 18.50
Why haven’t I seen white BBQ sauce in America?? Especially in the fast-food world? Or just BBQ restaurants in general. I love a creamy sauce and it just does not make sense that this does not have more exposure. I already would get this then you tell me there are two levels of heat? Just send a bucket to me. I’ve started to gather that KFC overseas seems to prioritize crispy chicken much more than the American franchises. If there was a way you can freeze this then mail it overseas, I would definitely try to get this. Another reason I think US-based franchises need to do international fast food releases.

McDonalds Finalnd Pizza Mac
Cheese-coated pizza roll, two beef patties, emmental cheese, dry onions, pizza sauce.
Price Unknown
I never got the try McDonalds Pizza, so this might be the closest I can get. Like I have mentioned before, I’m always interested in a different bun choice. If they are using fresh patties, this should be good. I would like this bun to be available for other sandwiches. Give us some variety. What happened to the days of a pretzel bun? This is giving me meatball sub vibes which I’m into. Someone tell me where to get a good one in America that isn’t subway.

Pizza Hut NZ NEW Garlic Shrimp Supreme
Shrimp drizzled with Aioli and Basil pesto swirl
There is absolutely nothing I would not eat here. Shrimp is good with mayo and pesto. Pesto is underrated for pizza. Garlic makes everything better. I haven’t had mayo on pizza but bread is involved so I don’t see where anything could go wrong. The price is reasonable as well. Seafood pizza is high on the list of foods I want to try.