Quick Bites #3

Beef Jerky Bouquets UK-
I just find this hilarious. I actually do enjoy jerky but these look like dried up fruit by the foot. This would be a fun gift for the holiday. I enjoy seeing creativity with food that isn't adding unnecessary decoration.

Vegan Sashimi UK-
This is actually really interesting. It looks like the real thing and its not a burger. If this is good, I think this could fit in most eating habits. A fun way to get people to try more plant-based foods. Also, I don’t see a lot of vegan seafood options.

Rotisserie Chicken Rankings USA-
I have started buying these because it’s a tasty source of protein and it's already done. Not all rotisserie chickens are the same! Educate yourself so you don’t get ripped off. You can always re-season if needed. Also, how popular is Boston Market if there are so many other places to get chicken?

Masterchef Scandals-
I had no idea this show has such a dramatic history. This is one of the more interesting articles I’ve read recently. I tend to stick to food network competition shows but this was a good read covering different versions of the show. Trigger warning-suicide, harassment.