TTFTReacts: 90's Snacks

Today, we are going to discuss a few items from my childhood that still resonates with me today

Trix Yogurt-
This is why I can’t eat regular healthy yogurt. I want all yogurt to be sweet and fun like this was. As a grown-ass woman, I know there is no reason why I should have been having that much sugar and certainly wouldn’t buy it today, it’s just something I have not been able to get over mentally. Yogurt is just so boring now. Add-ins don’t make it taste much better.

The Mega Lunchables was always a show stopper in the cafeteria. I know that the crust was terrible. I can taste the lack of seasoning now. But I got the deep dish one every time. Did anyone ever try to heat it up? I can’t imagine the flavor being better but I’d be curious to know. I’d make my own version for any potential future children. Also, even if the Lunchable wasn’t great, better than a PBJ.

These were too sweet back in the day and I can’t imagine buying them with any regularity. I could easily buy some Teddy Grams and a can of frosting but I haven’t. Or even make a homemade version. That would be fun. But I can’t imagine this doing well now, especially with all the information out about sugar and kids. Did they ever have a chocolate version? I could maybe see them coming out with a healthier version of this, maybe a yogurt dip?

Easy Bake Oven-
You couldn’t tell my 8-12-year-old self I wasn’t doing big things with this. Just being able to mix things and slide it through that tunnel I felt so accomplished. I loved frosting cakes. The desserts were actually at least decent. I still think this is a good toy for preteens. I went through about three of these until I was finally allowed to use the real oven. Lately, I have seen that food has expanded past desserts. I was doing some research online and now they have DIY mixes which I would do if my future children were into this.

Shark Bites-
They need to bring these back. It was a gummy but with a better chew and more flavor. I liked that they were thick and looked like aquatic animals. These were much better than fruit by the foot and we can fight about it. The only other argument I would entertain is Yo-Gos.


  1. I think I’ve seen a chocolate version of the Dunkaroos. Those used to be so delicious!


  2. Heating up lunchables???? No idea if they'd stand up to heating. My favorite was always the nachos.


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