TTFTReacts- Restaurants people refuse to eat at

Today, we will be talking about fast food places where Americans refuse to eat. I am going to cover a few places that are mentioned and giving my thoughts if I agree or not. In this age, there are just so many options to choose from, so of course, there are plenty of places struggling.

Subway- Yep, absolutely. It’s just not worth the money. The quality is hit or miss at best.  Just one step up from the sub-lines we had in high school. If someone else is paying, then I’ll get the Italian or make a chicken sub with southwest mayo. I know a common response would be because of the whole Jared situation, but I think they would still be struggling. There is nothing unique offered.  They have to improve their base items. I shouldn’t be able to make better going to the grocery store. However, international subways? I would go to that. I have said this before, chains need to bring over international flavors for a limited time to test it out.

Burger King-
Way too inconsistent. Even in the same area, you know which ones are “good” and which ones you know you might be waiting on the side for something. Even for the good ones, the food just isn’t that great. I miss their sourdough cheeseburger. I believe they may have brought back the angry whopper but I just don’t feel like taking the risk. The fries aren’t crispy enough. The onion rings need more onion. Chicken fries are dry and bland. The Hershey pie is good though. Burger King needs to work on their core products and get more consistent management in the stores.

Panda Express-
I would rather support a local business. That’s my main reason I don’t go. Also, I think you get a better deal and more variety when you go local. Chinese food is not something I eat consistently either. I have never been there but they have nothing new or interesting. If there is a panda express, there are other options around. They’re probably doing fine but I understand why people don’t go.

I really enjoy Arby’s and feel like they rarely miss. The problem for me is again, inconsistency. I am not paying over $7 dollars for a sandwich and not know how much food I’m truly going to get. I understand the higher prices but you have to be more reliable. I do think their shakes could be improved. Sides are good too. If they brought back that meat mountain thing I’d buy it and grab extra sauce. Also, the chicken cordon bleu sandwich isn’t available at every location.