TTFTReacts: Trends Chefs Hate

Apparently, a whole bunch of well-known chefs discussed trends of last year they’re tired of. This type of article is right up my alley. Here are some key things that spoke to me.

Cauliflower crusts-
As someone who has issues digesting certain types of bread and will have issues if I have too much bread period, I am open to alternative crusts. However, cauliflower is not the answer to everything and I’m glad it’s being talked about. Cauliflower is so inferior to broccoli. The only time I want cauliflower is fried and with some sauce. Don’t talk to me about anything else. People who have gluten issues complain about this a lot. Waiting for keto crusts to come premade.

Flavored whiskeys- I disagree here. Let us have fun with different flavor whiskeys! Adding natural flavor over artificial I totally understand but I like flavored alcohol in general. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting everything to be the most “legitimate” of all time. Idk about the peanut butter flavor but still, I don’t think this is that overrated at all.

Microwave Cakes- the texture is always off. It’s too dry or inconsistently moist. I have tried a few of the instant cake things and they just aren’t satisfying. I’d rather buy something already made. Also, do people really eat hot cake, ever? A cupcake would be a better choice. Or if you want something warm, get something that is served warm like cookies or brownies.

Snout to Tail Cooking-
I wasn’t aware that this was a huge thing, but I see both sides. I do think we should be using as much as the animal as possible because it is dead, however, I’m also not eating pig feet. I do think it should be available to buy or at least try, but it shouldn’t be pushed out like you have to have it served to you. Make it known that it can be requested but other than that, I can see the point being made.