Quick Links #4

Cheesecake Factory Ice Cream (USA)
I’m getting this yall. I might even review it. Seven flavors are coming out. I need the key lime and the salted caramel at the bare minimum. I love cheesecake factory desserts. The single slices at the store aren’t great but otherwise, they are top tier. I support more pie based ice cream flavor. Pie and ice cream go together better than cake and ice cream lets fight about it.

SPAM Patties at Costco (USA)
Are you kidding me? This is so ridiculous but I’m buying these too, talk about me if you want. Spam is amazing when it's cooked. I can’t eat it raw, that’s too hardcore for me. I don’t need 18 pieces but whatever I must know what these taste like. Watch me eat these for breakfast with a sunny side up egg whenever I actually cook breakfast. Brunch is calling me.

Celeb’s Last Meals
I would have never thought to look this up but I was very focused on this. It’s one of those kinda bizarre things to think about but this was a good read. The stories involved were really good too, some sad, some heartwarming.

Lucky Charms and Cinnamon French Toast Ice Cream (USA)
I was so hyped about this and was getting ready to explain why this is awesome but then I read the three words of death in the ice cream department: “frozen dairy dessert”. I’m so disappointed. The texture is just awful. It doesn’t scoop well, it’s weird frozen milk, has a freezer burn vibe I can’t handle it. What a waste.