Simple Loose Leaf Genmaicha (Green Tea) Review

Caffeine: Yes

Ingredients: Bancha green tea, popped corn, toasted hulled rice kernels

Smell: Herbs and popcorn. It just smells super earthy, more than the Blue Lady Grey. It looks like seasoning for something savory

Taste: This is not a flavor I could drink straight up. It tastes like herbs with light popcorn without any flavor.  Even with my usual additions I found myself first intrigued, but my second cup I’m kind of over it. I think green tea is fine usually. I will have iced matcha if I'm not feeling well. It’s great for hangovers or anything related. You have to be full-on team green tea to enjoy this regularly. I think maybe without the corn I could have finished this one. Maybe just half the serving would be a bit better but I gave the rest of this to my grandmother.