Simple Loose Tea Review: Blood Orange

Simple Loose Tea Blood Orange Tea (Herbal, caffeine-free

Ingredients-  Roobios Herbal Tea, Hibiscus Flowers, Rose Hips, Safflower Petals, Orange Peel Pieces, Dried Apple Pieces, All Natural Flavors

Scent- strong orange, tangerine notes

Taste- Definitely citrus-based. Reminds me of flavored seltzers if they had more flavor. I usually don’t like fruity teas but this is fresh and loose which is really making me think about how I may buy tea in the future. I could see this being nice during the day if I don’t want water. It is also very good with almond milk, giving a creamsicle vibe.

I really enjoy this flavor as well. I have two left from this box. Also, I have been using the same reusable tea bag. There is some fraying but it is still holding up pretty well. I just rinse it out and let it air dry.
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  1. This actually sounds like a nice, simple but fresh loose tea! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this one.

    xoxo Simone |

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