TFTT Food Article Reactions

New McChicken Biscuit And Chicken McGriddles Nationwide- USA
Can someone please tell McDonald's no one is checking for their chicken options? The McChicken is one thing but none of their other chicken options really pan out well. Personally, the McChicken is too peppery for me. It’s just ridiculous. The chicken mcgriddle is an interesting enough play on chicken and waffles but there are other things McDonald's could focus on. Better desserts bring back habanero ranch or that Bacon extreme burger. Why don’t they do something fun with their nuggets?

Keto Cake Cups -USA
I am in the team no microwave cakes but I would make an exception for keto desserts. Keto treats look like a lot of work so this makes sense to me. I’m not buying this but it’s a good option to have. I would need to read a lot of positive reviews. Although, to be honest, if they were on sale I MIGHT. The texture of these things is bizarre to me.

Arby’s New Market Fresh Roast Chicken Bowls- USA
I get the idea here but I just don’t see this as something I’m buying from Arby’s. Just roast chicken? Every bowl place has chicken, rice and sauce options. This isn’t unique enough. Also, I could go to cava and spend maybe two more dollars and have way more variety. I will give points the sauce options they are offering but I’d rather use them with other items.

Snacks are becoming bleaker -Bon Appetit
This was a really interesting article about something that I haven’t thought about but it makes a lot of sense. A lot of snacks are very serious and lack a bit of fun. It opened my eyes to how severe the scene is. Pouches, bars that offer one too many health benefits to be believed. Although, I do think the increase in jerky options is a good thing.